Saturday, April 01, 2006

Sad.. Sad.. Sad..

I had a terrible night. I lost $40 so instead of being responsible and quiting I tilted and dropped another 200. So that gets me down to around $760 from $960. Way to go. I then played a couple MTTs and then some Pot Limit Omaha. Did great in the PLO. First hand I go all in with AA. I bought in for $25. I trippled up. I left that table and made a few more bucks on another table.

Anyways.. I am pretty dissapointed in myself so I am taking $576 out of my account and leaving myself with $200 to start over. I think at this point in time it is more important to learn to deal with variance than to have a big bankroll. So with this removal of funds I will start over again. I have the upmost confidence I can build it back up. I may fail. I can not keep rewarding my bad play though. It just does not work.


Blogger Veneno said...

No new blog of the month?

11:44 AM

Blogger doubleuwhy said...

Well done. Way to temper yourself.

Self control is one of the hardest things in life to ingrain into your own character if it does not come naturally to you. I'm still working on it myself!

1:44 PM


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