Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Good Comments Lately

For every idiot who bets out $1 because he has an underpair and is afraid of the ace, there is another idiot who bets out with $1 because he hit a set of aces or kings and doesn't want anyone to fold. Wes' hand was different than yours in that he made a play with rags when they actually hit.
-- Floppy
Is not the essence of poker using some aggression to either see where you are or to take down small pots from the weak, I.E. Your Prey? If I take a shot at a pot by raising a very small amount of what I have and set in my head that this is what I am willing to invest in this hand based on my read and the player then why would I just passively fold? I think classic Doyle is to risk a little bit to take alot of small pots and ramp up your stack so you are ready for that one big shot. I may be interpreting things incorrectly but if my table is willing to passively give me 5-10 bucks every few pots just because I ask nicely then I am going to take them up on that offer.

In that situation it was very different from flopping two pair and alot different from the last 23o I posted. It was a specific situation where I had position and felt like a bet would take down the pot so I took a few bucks, said "This is what I am willing to lose in this hand" and took my shot. It worked out great. The other thing I like about my hand is that it has outs. If he calls my raise chances are he is going to check with a monster hand in order to induce another bluff bet or check with his Kx (Which I put him on) with the intention of calling my bet. So I get two shots at my five for the straight and do not have to invest anything else. I have a very easy fold at the river. It is a win-win situation in my opinion.


Blogger Klopzi said...

I'm a big fan of flat out betting to see where I am in the hand.

Variance will increase with this style, but you'll definitely get your chance to stack someone when they get fed up and make a play at you.

Then again, there's nothing worse than playing aggressive poker and having everyone constantly test your every bet. Gearing down is not as much fun as going gearing up into maniac mode.

Still, nothing wrong with peddling the nuts either.

12:20 PM

Blogger TripJax said...

"This is what I am willing to lose in this hand"

I much prefer the word "invest" instead of "lose", but in the end the same point comes across.

On a side note, I like what Hoy said recently...I enjoy hearing about your 180 ventures so definitely keep at those too...

12:45 PM

Blogger Own the Flop said...

Maybe I'll give it a shot. I'm playing highly profitable poker with my current style, but this is worth testing out.

Let's see he pops back at you with a significant amount and you fold. This has to reduce your chances of making more plays like this, correct?

1:38 PM

Blogger SirFWALGMan said...

It all depends I think.. but yeah, if he is going to pop me back everytime I test the waters then this is not profitable.. so I adjust, and I "test the waters" with a monster hand and trap him into paying me off big..

Also I come off sometimes saying "Do this" or "Do that".. obviously each game is unique.. I am not always putting on big or small bluffs, some tables it is a terrible idea.. Some tables you have people giving you action with your aces and big cards so you do not have to play trickier hands.. It is all situational in poker..

2:27 PM


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