Thursday, September 28, 2006

The Donkeys Defense

I can not find the right link.. but CC had a great post defending his play against SLB in the WWDN. Actually what he was defending was getting AA twice in a row! Shame on you CC! It is funny where you find nuggets worth looking at though. I have often thought some of CC's moves in the VERY FEW MTTs I have seen him play were donkish. I have seen him call of large sums with monster hands like KJo (Usually with a nice stack of chips behind him). I by no means think that CC is a donkey so it always surprised me when I saw moves like this.

I read his "Donkeys Defense" post and what I took out of it was kind of interesting. He is right about the top 10 or even top 3 of most MTTs being the only thing worth getting. Who the hell wants to play for six hours for fifteen bucks. I mean it sounds nice that you beat 2000 donks but who the hell cares. Talking with Ick last night I also had to disagree with his reasoning. He was telling me that I play too aggressively near the bubble. Who the hell cares? Oooh my I lost that double up I was going to make. I think I will go home and cry to mommy. I think all of my recent bubbles have been on good hands. I think part of the problem has been letting myself get blinded down slightly. The other part was just bad luck. If you raise AQ with five people at your table, huge blinds, and getting blinded out, you can expect to have the best hand a huge chunk of the time. Pushing JJ into AA after you is going to happen sometimes. You could argue that I could have called $600 off with my 3K stack and then fold to the re-raise after me. I think calling is bad here though since you give the guys behind you odds to limp in with alot of hands. I think raising 4xBB is bad as it leaves me crippled. I think pushing is right.

I am not sure where the "Donkey Defense" comes into play but if I could quantify it I would say the general idea is to keep your stack in the top 10% throughout the game. Add more risk to your game to try and take the huge reward at the end. I think it means taking some risks early with strong starting hands. Pushing some TPTK on flops to try and get that lead. I also think the only way to keep up with the pack is to steal alot more. You will become card dead at some point in a 3hour MTT. Your choices then are either blind down and die or steal a blind or two. Not going overboard but keeping up with the leaders. My normal middle game is waiting with my largish stack until the blinds increase and then hoping I get a hand to push before I am blinded down too far. No way this is going to work. I think I will experiment with ways to chip up huge this week at some of the small buyin MTTs. It may be as simple as pushing some hands harder pre-flop earlier.. or taking some more risky lines.


Blogger April said...

Bubble play all comes down to your goal in the tournament. If you're simply trying to cash, then yes; stay out of trouble and fold your way to the money. But if you're trying to win the whole thing, or at least make it to the big money (typically in the top 3 places) then the bubble is the prime time for you to ramp up agression.

8:53 AM

Blogger Iakaris aka I.A.K. said...

I agree with April and you actually. I should have been clearer in the chat - YOU ie. YOU in particular are in danger when you go aggro, because your wide range is well known, making people feel very good about calling you with TJs.

But lately, I agree, you've just gotten unlucky - JJ into AA preflop and AQ into AK preflop is just the deal and the blinds ending your night.

Honestly, you should be doing better than you are. There seems to be a problem in the midgame/late game. I recall months ago when you were dominating and your play has definitely changed, I just can't put a finger on what it is.

I never get much traction from pointing at luck personally. That's pointless - is there really nothing that can be improved? Make this your homework for the next week.

9:13 AM

Blogger slb159 said...

I guess he missed my comment.

10:50 AM

Blogger Eric a.k.a. Bone Daddy said...

I agree with your philosophy to chip up early. I like the advice from fuel and Felicia, either find a reason to raise, or fold, eliminate calling from the game. By raising more with marginal hands (not pushing), you'll induce more folds, and also will get your monsters paid off.

BTW, I did the exact opposite last night when you busted me. I was personally insulted that you would show my hammer hand so little respect, and min raise my 3/4 pot bet. I knew I was dead, but I wasn't going to hang around for 2 hours scarping with 450 chips. Anyway, I hope you at least had a snicker when I cold called and turned over the hammer.

1:30 PM

Blogger SirFWALGMan said...

I think it was the most honorable play I have ever seen you make Eric. It is too bad I was not able to GO.. ALL.. THE.. WAYY!!

1:58 PM


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