Friday, September 29, 2006

FFL Week 4

I am only posting this because I know Duggles hates it. It has been an interesting year so far for my team. I am 1-2 but have the 4th highest point total in the league. I am not sure what this means. I nip here, a tuck there, maybe I get something good going. My biggest problem is I have no real super star. I have decent players putting up average numbers every week. So if one or two of my guys is knocked out like last week it kills my team. I made alot of small changes this week. I am sick of my QB situation so I dumped both of my QBs and took some long shots with C. Frye (mostly because its Oakland!) and A. Smith. Could pay off. For my QB I am going with Frye this week.

I also picked up Mi. Robbinson. He is an interesting player that I can play in WR or RB position. Also with Gore being sick with bad ribs and fumbleitis he may actually turn into a very good pick. My Wide Receiver core is my best asset. I usually play Burress and Stallworth. Now Burress is on a bye and I need to keep a close eye on Stallworth. I hope he plays this week as I really need him. I am playing Stallworth, Robbinson, and Bennett in WR this week. Pretty good matchups. I also have Berrian as a long shot pickup. The bears have been doing good but I am sitting him this week.

My runningback situation has been a shambles since the beginning. We are a 12-team league and RB is important. I drew the 12th pick, and my first RB choice ended ip going out on IR before the first game. Ouch. Cursed Texas Houstons!!! So my backup boys were Dunn and Williams. Well the Caddy has been out of gas so far this year. He put up numbers last week which was a huge improvement. I hope he gets it going. Dunn has been a solid starter. Had a bad week but I like him. With Williams on the Bye I am playing Dunn and Rhodes. Should be a decent week for both. I have Michael Turner, AKA the Burner. He is a longshot that I picked up just in case. Against Batimore he is a for sure sit.

I have a ton of depth in TE. Go figure. This week Miller is on a bye, and I actually have yet to use him, but Smith for the Iggles has been making me good numbers and I like my two picks here.

My Kicker has been doing well but I decided on a change. I swapped out the Buffalo kicker for Longwell of the Vikings. Since the Viking can not seem to score TDs I figure he is going to do alot of kicking. He actually has the MOST points of any player on my team at 35 fantasy points so far. I told you my team is just average. I hope he keeps it up.

I am sticking with my Seattle Defense. They have been mediocre but solid. Again not a huge amount of points for me but enough to hang in there. I got a bye coming up next week so that could be trouble. If anyone wants to trade me Baltimore I am game! heh.

I have been proposing alot of trades to other players in the league. Hopefully that can get me a solid RB. If not I will have to keep trudging along. Nobody is really running away with the league yet -- well except for MOOOOOOOOOKIE! He is 3-0. The rest of the league is 2-1 or 1-2. So with a win this week against JJ I can be middle of the pack again.


Blogger presidentdave said...

Sorry Waffles, no Baltimore trade with be forthcoming. It would take two stud running backs to even get me thinking about a trade. Good luck this week :)

10:12 AM

Blogger Hammer Player a.k.a Hoyazo said...

Why don't you propose me a trade to get you one of my 15 good runningbacks on my team, Waffles? I think I proposed you one earlier in the week which you pretty quickly dismissed. I know you fear me at the poker table (with good reason), but are you that afraid of me in fantasy football too that you can't even propose me a trade? Sheesh I have to work on being less intimidating.

10:26 AM

Blogger SirFWALGMan said...

lol. Hit me up on the girlie chat tonight and we can work a trade out.. I thought your "offers" were pretty weak, but if you are serious then lets talk. I have a question for you anyways.

12:40 PM


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