Monday, December 11, 2006

Weekend with the Brethren: Part I

I had a great time this trip. It was –EV in expected cash value but it was far more +EV in hanging with people who I think are exceptional. I wanted to focus on the people side of the trip this time. During my last trip I got caught up in all the pokering it being like the 3rd time I had ever played live and my first ever MTT. I decided I would not do that this time and ended up not even touching poker cards for my entire first day.

So what did I do? I had the chance to shoot down a shot of SoCo with Big Al! What a cool guy. I apparently semi-blew him off last time I was here.. as we basically waved to each other on my first night. Not this time. I got to get some time with the long haired hippy. He is not as fat as I thought he would be.

I finally met so many people I had been dieing to see. Gary "Tighty Whitie" Cox was a hell of a lot of fun. Even if his girlie pigtail made me a little uneasy at first.. once he explained that his daughter forced it upon him I felt a lot more comfortable. Gary is a real great guy to hang out with and if you have not partied with him you are missing a ton.

I got to catch up with Veneno, Kitty and the Garthmeister. Kitty and I lamented our good friend from across the world not being there for about ten seconds!!! You were missed. I even flashed a few bloggers with my boxers. Hey! It’s like shorts! Calm down! I hung with the Dwarven sellout as he held court at the MGM bar and then some… I think I saw Dr. Pauly for a few minutes.. he needed to make the rounds ya know. I re-met Change100 again.

Spent a ton of time hovering between the two best cleavages in the Blogger world. I have to say though their personalities outshine what they look like any day of the week. I got to have some great one-on-one time with both of these ladies and they are really special. Congrats on your news too Elfie!

I met "Scary Lady" who is just sooooooooooo awesome. I told her she did not look much like her picture.. but she looks a lot better IMHO. I had a great time with her.

I told off some Jar Heads. Hey, it is not like it was a platoon of them or anything? One of the Jar heads was annoying someone so I asked him if he had someone to shoot or something. Apparently your not supposed to wise off to Jar Heads. Who knew? I really should not be allowed to drink. Think what you read here everyday .. then take ALL OF THE FILTERS OFF. That is me when I drink.

I got to spend a bunch of time with my old friend from Texas (but we will not hold that against her) April. She who gives up a ton of her time that could be spent darning her socks or organizing her underwear draw to get these shin digs all setup. I suppose we should thank her or something?

I would have hung out with Ick but I am starting to think he was a figment of our imaginations.. a group delusion created by us bloggers so we could have an iconic pretty boy figure who played a mean MTT. I think there must be some Freudian reason that we imagined him.. I still miss his tight little ass though. Actually he was held up by work. If he had called me for about ten seconds I could have given him some links on how to kill an old guy who is better off dead and make it look like an accident. Such simple problems if you just think things through. However I guess he has to follow his own path.

So many other people I spoke with .. and this is just night one people. Bobby the Thrice Confirmed, Marge.. So much fun just kicking back in the bar and getting to know these people a little better. We are only up to like 2AM on the first night here people. Much more to come.

I did feel like a B-Level semi-celeb starlet though as I was Licked, had my Ass Pinched, had my hair stroked, my beard scratched and had a few offers to watch some hot girl-on-girl lesbian action. Now if I was an A-Level blogger celeb I would have gotten my junk confirmed and had a room key stuck down my pants. I guess it gives me something to shoot for next time. No I will not tell who did what to me.. it is not conducive to getting groped the next time.. so stop begging and get your own blog.



Blogger TripJax said...

Keep'em coming dude...must have more trip reports...

10:53 AM

Anonymous mookie99 said...

Ahhh trip 'em.

11:07 AM

Blogger Jules said...

I'm a good friend now am I..that's sweet. Especially since I was a yipping poodle just 7 short months ago in the last WPBT trip reports.

Glad you had a good time sweetie..but with all the physical groping..nobody rubbed your noggin???!!!

12:17 PM

Blogger SirFWALGMan said...

"had my hair stroked"
-- Rubbed, stroked, fondled, all the same to me babes! I am just a dawg who likes to have his ears scratched by pretty ladies. Besides the hair was not as short this time.

12:20 PM

Blogger cc said...

Great sharing the felt with you, Waffles. And well done, sir.

1:48 PM

Blogger GaryC said...

Pai Gow!!!

Many mutual feelings my friend. It was awesome slugging back a few drinks and playing Pai Gow.

You were on your own with the jar heads, though. He.

Truly my pleasure.


2:35 PM

Blogger Gnome said...

Damn, I didn't get to meet you for the second blogger trip in a row! I'll catch you next time. It would have been a lot easier if you had listed your number on the spreadsheet, but I guess you have to keep up your mystique.

10:19 PM

Blogger SoxLover said...

Said to drunk marine corporal in dress blues, accompanied by (2!) colleagues at the other end of the bar, favorite quote of 2006 Winter Classic, and favorite Waffles quote of all time:

"Don't you have some people to go kill?"

Luckily enough, said corporal was apparently too drunk to actually hear you.

Great time playing with you and look forward to your coming distortion of our big hand together.

10:42 AM

Blogger Blinders said...

I agree, Iak is not real. I think he is a secret combination of underground bloggers who write his posts, and play his MTTs collectively. It's going to be a bigger controversy than the last DADI event when this all comes out.

11:58 AM


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