Saturday, February 03, 2007

Breaking News, Um.. Ya, Who Cares..

I am, to the concept of Full Tilt Poker, what Hugh Hefner was to Playboy in its early years. By that, I mean that I think my real life mirrors how the site is marketed to players.

Learn, chat, and play with the pros? That’s me, me, and me. - Michael Craig

So Michael is a paid writer for Full Tilt now. Ug! I really liked Full Tilt too.. Oh well, I guess I can still play there.. I like his arrogant and hopefully tongue-and-cheek lead in. I mean what the fuck have you ever done in poker? Learning from you would be like.. well.. learning from CC.. Slow and Painful, and just plain wrong.

To be fair I have never seen Michael play in a game he has taken seriously so he might be a good player.. however his contention that "Because I hang with good players.. well, I must be good".. is just riddiculous. So if I hung around a great professional Football player I would suddenly be Payton Manning.. Sorry bud, you need some skill to start with.

I guess I might be too hard on the guy.. It is funny though. As big of a dick as I can be to people sometimes when I think they have played horribly.. I normally have good intentions and I am ALWAYS there for my friends. I have a great way of picking friends. I have the .. for better words.. Fucktard-dar. Sort of like Gaydar but it detects Fucktards. I have NEVER in my life known it to be wrong. When I first saw Michael Craig it starting blaring and nothing I have seen him do since has shut it down. So good luck to Full Tilt.. I hope they hire more fucktards. Enjoy the rest of your day.


Blogger Gnome said...

I like Michael Craig's writing, but I think I like it at least as much when you make fun of him. Poor guy.

8:09 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...


Michael "Name Dropper" Craig is the doofus that did all the homework for the cool jocks back in high school which made him think of himself as cool.

Do you think Jesus says to Howard after Michael leaves, "What a dork?"

10:35 PM

Blogger CarmenSinCity said...

Ummmm wow - who knew that Full Tilt was so desperate for writers?

I might have to switch back over to PokerStars.

8:18 AM

Blogger cc said...

I'm humbled by your high praise.

9:49 AM


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