Monday, February 12, 2007

Eastmotherfuck Mexico

So if any of you have been talking to me lately you know how much I hate recruiters. I get the whole gambit of incompetant people calling me. The people who word match on These guys can not speak English as well as my four year old.

"Hello Mr. Waffles.. I am Mugujicia Imma Hamafakah. I am very intterested in hearing about your interest in being a lead brain surgeon. I see you have worked for hospital once fifteen years ago and I think this is a match made by Vishnu himself. Yes! Yes! Oooooohhhhh and Mr. Waffles the Pay! An amazing fifteen dollars an hour! How can you beat this.. hello.. hello.. Mr. Waffles?".

Now I have no problem with the phone calls if the guy puts in the work and figures out that no, I am not a brain surgeon. It really does not take more than five minutes. If your going to waste my time I am going to think your an asshole.

Now today I got a call to top all calls.. A job doing C, Sql Server, and C#. Sounds pretty good so far.. for Manufacturing company.. ok.. and.. there is travel.. err.. to.. MEXICO. Now I know a guy who used to be a developer for manufacturing software and when they say Mexico they mean places like Dante's rings of hell. I mean abject poverty. People who might kill you for your shoes. People who travel in tents so they can make two cents more from one of the factories on the border. When one company raises its rate by a penny the whole labor force quits and starts up at the new place.

I know these people did nothing to put themselves in this situation. It is really a sad commentary on the way our world is. HOWEVER that does not mean I want to risk my life hanging out with them. Especially when the pay rate for the job is comparable with what I would get working fulltime and not traveling. If you want to pay me a ton of money to go into the depths of hell I might think about it.. but if your asking me to go for no reason at all forget it. No more fucking calls about Eastmotherfuck Mexico!!! Jesus. Although I bet I could get some action there..



Blogger PokahDave said...

You funny bastid....LMFAO

2:07 PM

Blogger CarmenSinCity said...

Oh waffles baby - I'm sure you could get action anywhere.

2:23 PM

Blogger mookie99 said...

The donkey shows would be a nice perk for you.

3:06 PM

Blogger DuggleBogey said...

Xenophobic much? There are actually legitimate manufacturing facilities in Mexico, you know. Hell a lot of GM's plants are down there now.

And the irony of "incompetant" is still making me chuckle. I know you did it just for me.

6:24 AM

Blogger StB said...

What if they offer free wi fi service?

7:27 AM

Blogger Drizztdj said...

The beer is decent and cheap there.

7:47 AM


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