Sunday, February 11, 2007

New Synptoms

So I am still coughing and all that but now I am getting shooting pains in my upper stomach in the middle. Like three fingers under where the ribs meet in the middle.. Sometimes these are triggered by food (maybe) and sometimes they just go off in the middle of the night to wake me up.. Not a lot of fun. I guess you could officially call me a mess now not that you could not before.. I looked up some symptoms and possibly I have an ulcer, gallbladder disease, pancreatitis, or I am pregnant. Serves me right for using a free online health quiz.. I may have to call my doctor if this really starts annoying me. Good luck to you all.



Blogger CarmenSinCity said...

I definitely think you are pregnant. I hope I'm not the father.

9:19 PM

Blogger Chilly said...

gallbladder or fatty liver disease. neither one fatal, unfortunately.

2:03 PM


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