Monday, February 12, 2007


Ok.. So my stomache thing was still bothering me today.. so I decide to do something I rarely do: go to the doctor. Now I expect a doctor might see me when I am dead but I do not want them to get too familiar before that time. So I get to the appointment at a decent time. I go in and some short chineese dude is sent in to take my vitals. I am hoping that he is just an intern. You see I have a female doctor for a reason: if someone is gonna fondle my nutz, it is going to be a chick. I need to get whatever action I can.. and it helps that my doctor is a cute oriental hottie herself. Coughing has never been the same.

So anyways we sit and talk and she decides that it is probably excess gas. Now I know I have been farting alot lately so perhaps she is right. She prescribes this Zantac 150 MAXIMUM STRENGTH over the counter shit. If I am still in pain in two weeks I am suppose to go back for an upper GI or some gay sounding thing like that. So I swallow down my acid and gas reliver with a glass of coke and call it a day. I actually have to take two of these puppies at once. Perhaps taking them with coke defeats the purpose? What the hell do I know, I am not a freaking doctor. Thank your stars for that ladies cause you know what field I would go into..

Not much happening on the job front. Still spending day to day with my good friends who rent me out by the hour. Been making the 30-40 hours a week still but this is most likely the last week. I know I said that last week. Jesus these guys are un-organized. I have absolutly no leads going on.. been too busy working to look for work which is good I guess. Full Tilt funds coming on Wednesday.. then I will take my shots at tokens for the Big Game. I thought it was this past Sunday but was wrong.



Blogger mookie99 said...

"Still spending day to day with my good friends who rent me out by the hour."

Damn didn't know things were so bad you got turned out. Hopefully I won't see you on the next HBO Documentary..."Pimps Up, Waffles Down"

3:11 PM


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