Saturday, March 10, 2007

Backer comes through.. suckah!

I was happy to get someone to take me up on my backing offer. I think it is a pretty good deal. I have a 20% ROI over a long period of time so the risk is minimal for the backer I think. The tilt risk is always there but I am trying to control myself. I am not going to out him unless he wants to mention his name in the comments. We decided on the 10$ SNG games. So for my first night I decided to just one table. I wanted to get my poker feet back under me since I have not played much in the past few months.

I decided to start with the Turbo's since Smokkee says they rule. My first two turbo's I played like a complete donkey. Sorry backer. I called with tens when I was pretty sure I was beat.. he turned over kings. I felt that was one of those hands where your getting your legs under you again and you do not totally trust your instincts so you make a bad call.

I then made a marginal push after raising AK pre-flop, getting called by one spot.. flop comes 222.. So I figure if he has a pair I am in decent shape.. He might fold to
my push.. however he KNEW his 33 was good and that was it for me.

The third turbo convinced me that I do not want to play turbos. I will get back to that soon enough. I end up going out in 4th place in that one which was my best finish up to that point. I finally was catching my stride as I went out when I called an all in with AK (500 blinds) I had a 3K stack or so and the other guy had QT. He ended up with a boat. Yeah. Actually he finished me off when I pushed my last 300 chips in with A4 vs J9. No way he does not call that and he even gave me protection by PUSHING it.

The reason I decided to quit turbos at this point is because they do not fit my game well. You need to be VERY aggressive and I am only moderately so, and you also need to have some luck and that just is not me. I like being able to wait it out a bit at the $10/1 full ring non-turbo SNGs.

Ok then Kitten comes by and asks me if I want to play with her. Now I would never say no to a bike riding, black bra, hot momma like Kitty so I jump on a 5.50 with her. First hand I have pocket tens, the flop comes low, and I push against two guys. One shortie was already all in so he did not count. The other guy thinks and they turn over AK and K7. Now I am feeling pretty good to 4 outs. I never in a million years expected a KING to come and yet it did.. leaving me with 600 chips. So I build my stack up again and see pocket tens again. My opponent bets and I raise she then goes all in. Mr. Dreamy is chatting with me and he says "She has AQ".. Either that or I misunderstood. I put her on higher pockets. So since Scott poisoned my mind I called and she did indeed have Jacks and I lost. Fucker owes me and my backer 5.50..

Actually that brings up a good point. If chatting with someone in a hand DO NOT make suggestions unless explicitly asked. It throws people off.

So at this point I am 0 for 4 and failing my backer miserably. I decide to play ONE more game. I decide to forsake the turbos. If I lose then its just not my night. So I play this game pretty well and start chipping up. Until I get into this one hand. I flop two pair on a two heart board. I push. He calls with his turd flush draw A2 of hearts. Now Full Tilt has fucked me hard in the past. I am used to the heart coming and losing chips.. However the site decides that is not painful enough soooo the turn is an Ace and the river a 2 for a better two pair! What the fawwwwk? I actually play fantastic poker and chip my way back up. We get down to three people and the chip leader has 10K vs 3K for the rest of us. It becomes one of the longest battles I have ever seen 3-handed. I basically dismantle the 3rd chip guy while the chip leader keeps feeding him chips. Finally when we take him out the stacks are about even. The big stack decides to play uber aggressive since until now I had been VERY tight.. So I trap her ass and take the chip lead. Then she tightens up a ton and allows me to start bluffing my ass off. I end up getting a large lead and then finish her off. Finally a first place finish.

So here I am down eight bucks. I decide to play one last game to finish out my night. I do not remember much about it but the last hand I had 4K in chips to his 8K and he PUSHES with K5.. again, because, I have been tight and folding a lot. I call and flip over my KT. All is well until the river gives the tard a 5 and my chances at first are up in smoke although I will take the second place finish. Final total for the night is a small eight dollar profit over six games. I have 194 games left to play.

Tomorrow night I am going to mix in multi-tabling. It should make the longer SNGs more enjoyable.. of course it has the chance to distract me a little too much if I make multiple ITM. I will keep you posted.

On a side note and old friend I used to work with hooked up with me on Linked In. We used to have a blast at my work about eight years ago maybe more. I think this was my third job in development. We used to sit in the cafe and talk about anal sex if that gives you an idea of how fun this job was! She was hot too.. along with another woman who always took me shopping with her when she bought bathing suits and things like that.. man I miss those days..



Blogger TraumaPoker said...

I think the fact you avoided being sucked out on while I was watching should be noted. I am your anti suckout power.

8:00 AM

Blogger smokkee said...

short-handed turbo sng 101:

push or fold

that is all.

2:11 PM

Blogger Kat said...

listening to you rant in the girlie chat brought a tear to my eyes - it was just like the good old days *grin

11:07 PM


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