Monday, June 11, 2007

Menage a trois Final Table

When I last left you I was in cleavage heaven enjoying myself and even winning some money. I woke up early on Saturday actually around 9AM. I think it was because Don had left the AC off. Cheapskate!!!

So I watched some TV trying to waiting for people to wake up. I got to watch a little bit of John Carpenters: Vampires. I watched all of Open Water. Pretty good movie. I also watched the beginning of HellBoy. I really liked the animation on that one. Finally the lazy people stirred and we eventually got going. If you have never seen Carmen getting ready in the morning you are missing something good! Heh. Nice robe hottie!

We get to the Orleans and go to signup but we are told by the rude manager to come back at 1:30. dick. Actually that was just the beginning of him being a total tool but more of that later. After a quick bite to eat we get signed up. I finally get to meet Iron Girl! I love her!! She never stops talking. It is great. I got to see Dr. Pauly as he was taking the day off to play with us. Grubby was there too. I was told he was not coming but he showed up.

I really can not remember too much of the early game. I had a tough table draw. I do remember Astin picking up a lot of pots and being very aggressive. This is not a bad idea because the blinds and ante’s went up every fifteen minutes. The game became a push fest turbo quickly and I felt like I was micro stacked most of the game. However I did not let this concern me. After Astin got popped off by a hand he actually KNEW his opponent had but called anyways.. his stack was diminished and he shut down totally. He never played another hand really. I have no idea if he just was getting zero cards or what.

I had a couple of table changes. Never saw any real premium cards but my good hands held up. I made a good amount of chips semi re-stealing against Statik when he raised in EP. I jammed all in with AQ. The structure was so poor that I had to. He eventually folded and told me he had AJ. AJ is golden and this was a poor fold.

Before the table broke I ended up busting Grubby and gaining a nice stack. He jammed in the sb with J6 and I made the call with 55. Little did he know 2 jacks and 1 six were already dead. I had him covered and I would have been crippled had he hit. He was extremely short and HU I think he has to make that move. He gave me this cool Chicago Airport keychain thingy for busting him. I also busted Weak Player. Which is always fun! He gave me a ceramic donkey for my troubles.

My next table was the start of a whole lot of fun. I sit down and right next to me sits this beautiful Asian woman. Sexy as hell. I think it must be Grubette because there are only like two Asians in the whole world right? Anyway I ask and it was her! She is a hell of a funny person and kept chatting the whole way down. She growled at me when I told her I busted her bro. She went on a massive run at that table and knocked out the next 3-4 people. I gave her the Donkey that I got for knocking out Weak Player. She loved it and kept stroking its ears! Lucky Donkey!

One hand at this table saw Grubetts pocket Aces cracked by runner-runner quad tens. The whole table erupts in laughter and the asshole manager yells at us to shut up. The Orleans tourney was really fucked up. He even ended up kicking everyone out of the poker room who was not playing. The bloggers who set the game up are not to blame but I would not want to play there again.

I outlasted my finish in last years MTT when Soxlover has 23o and I had AA and I bet 100K chips and he called with the blinds at 100/200. He sucked out on me and put me out at 12th as the bubble boy. I had at least made the nine spot and had a shot at the upper money. At this point the blinds were some huge 1600/800 or something and everyone was short. We finally all agreed to take 80 off each of the top five spots and pay the bottom five. As the blinds increased I knew I had to make a move so I jam all in early with Q8s and take down a pot. With the Ante/blinds it was actually basically a double up for me. I was the short stack but moved up with that. I showed my semi-bluff and everyone groaned.

I was on fire. I was all amped up and playing great. People were betting on me taking first. I got 3:1 against which is not so bad. I even won a race when they colored up. I did not know what this race was but apparently they take all the extra chips that did not fit after they color up and draw cards to see who gets them. I spiked an Ace to win my race and got some more free chips.

Going into the end game I was feeling great. I had won all my races. I really had this game. I think Iak and Bayne were the next two out. I busted two people by myself when I jammed kings. They both called with Ace-rags and I was suddenly third in chips. I held on and watched Bayne go out before me. Finally it was down to Grubette, Mrs. Spaceman, MeanHappy and I. I was like dude get out of my fantasy and he obliged quickly after. So it was down to a Menage a trios with me and the ladies!

It then ended as most of my poker fantasies do: with me waking up. I was dealt QQ in EP three ways and I raised around 6K. The blinds at this time were 3K-1500K/400 ante and I had about ten grand. My thinking here is I have an extremely strong hand three ways and I want a call. Well I end up getting two calls. The flop comes down AJ7. I rush to push all my chips in but it is not my turn yet. Grubette checks, Mrs. Spaceman checks and then I jam. Here is my thinking. Any Ace rag three ways is going to push pre-flop. As much as I tease here these ladies know how to play and no way they do not isolate with an Ace. Grubette folds with a sad look on her face and Mrs. Spaceman goes into the tank. It is a nice 20K+ pot. She obviously has to call. She does and turns over JT. I am golden baby! Until the jack came on the turn. It would not be a Waffles tourney if it did not end that way.

I calmly shook her hand and congratulated her on a game well played. Someone said I should have just jammed pre-flop and Mrs. Spaceman would have folded. First off I am not sure that is true. I did not have a huge amount of chips left and I would not think a call with JT would be horrible. Especially with the blinds and ante’s so high. However I say to you: I had her right where I wanted her. I had her dominated and I was in position to give myself the chips to win. I also think she was right to call me pre-flop and on the flop. Even if she had 23o she probably should call me on the flop. The odds were there and if she loses she is not out.

Some people were not pleased with how she played. I saw most of her hands and I think she played great. She deserved to win the whole thing and I am glad she did. Ok. I deserved to win the whole thing because I am the king baby! With the structure of the MTT the way it was I could not fault her for any move she made. All tourneys are a mix of good play and aggressive moves and she did both. You also need to get lucky and she did in the right spots. Good job.

I ended up cashing for 330-80 buyin-100 shared percentage deal with Carmen. I knew I was going to do well in the MTT and I was happy to trade some with Carmen. At least she will use it for something good! Unlike me as you will soon find out.

Next Episode: Downswing


Blogger Blinders said...

I never thought we would be down to three ladies at the end of that one. Nice run!

10:36 AM

Blogger Hammer Player a.k.a Hoyazo said...

LoL @ Blinders up there.

Looking forward to part III when we get to the good stuff.

3:07 PM

Blogger Astin said...

Yah, that was my second dumbest call of the weekend. I got some of those chips back from Matt later on though when I turned a straight against his overs. Went out 20th or something I think.

A correction though - you didn't bust Weak, you busted Fuel. Fuel beat weak one table earlier and got the donkey, but didn't want it, so he passed it on to you.

12:21 PM


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