Thursday, June 14, 2007

Mookie you fuck

Haha Just Kidding man! The Mookie has really not been my game this year. Of all of the blogger tourneys the Mookie and Big Game have eluded me this year. Not sure why. Anyhow.. Last night was no different. I really just had terrible luck.. first hand SB vs BB and I have K2 vs Q6.. flop comes KQ6. Hello? I lost a few bucks when it boated on the river and was down to 1100 or so.

Next sweet hand.. CoxLover limps KQ in ep then calls a raise.. I guess he had odds or something to play a shit hand.. and he did hit a 3-outer against my queen.. retard. I then go up and down but never really get anything going. On_Thg was nice enough to donate some chips when I jammed JJ and he called with AJ.. to be fair I was very short.

Finally I decide to jam against Gordo's LP raise. The donkey calls with 44 and I can not catch either of my over cards. I go home early. Oh well. I played a 6.60 SNG and dominated that which paid for my entries in the Mookie and Dookie and a few bucks profit on the night to boot.

The Dookie was fun. In Razz MTTs it really gets down to who is getting luckiest at the end. The blinds get so huge that any hand you play commits you to the pot. I ended up going out sixth. Not a bad show but no money.

Tonight I will be playing the Riverchasers and probably some more SNGs. Good luck.


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