Monday, June 11, 2007

The Clevage Table

My trip to Vegas started off pretty poorly. I was supposed to fly out at 8PM and arrive at 11PM Vegas time. I have never liked how the time space continuum warps when you travel across country but that is neither here or there. I get to the terminal and notice several delayed flights. I then find out that T-Storms are covering the country from Canada to Florida and all of the flight paths are closed.

Eventually around 11PM they get everything sorted out and we head off to Vegas. The flight was excellent. Besides the fact they always seem to be late wherever they go I have to recommend Jet Blue. It was the cheapest flight. Direct. They have 36-channels of fun loving TV for you to watch the whole way there. I think I nodded off a few times on the trip.

One kinda cool thing was seeing a Thunderstorm from within the clouds. It was fascinating and if I was a good writer I might be able to do some faint justice to they beauty of the raw power of nature. We were inside the clouds and all around us the lights would suddenly turn on. First one bank of clouds would light up as bright as daytime and then the next occasionally you would see the bolts dancing from cloud to cloud like some errant angels on some mission only they knew about.

The bumpiness of the trip was a little disconcerting. I have really never flown in bad weather but all in all it was not horrible. I finally touched down in Vegas at 1AM three hours late.

Now this new generation of Bloggers has GOT to be mostly pussies because barely any bloggers were remaining. A few of the diehards were still there and Carmen and Don of course. Weak looked like he slept there for six days. He must have been having a lot of fun.. maybe he knows where Vinny is? Falstaff, Bayne, and a few others were there also.

Carmen told me to get a table quickly and so I signed up for the list. The evil bloggers were telling me to just cut in line and steal a seat but I felt bad about taking a seat from someone else who was waiting. So I waited my turn and MAN did that payoff.

I get placed at Carmen’s table and she introduces me to this chick she just met who had BIGGER boobs than even Carmen!!! This woman was pilling on the drinks and was half past drunk.. She was very friendly though and the whole table was chatting and having a great time. I forget Carmen’s friends name but lets call her Kaley cause that’s a nice name.

I did not have long to wait until EVEN BIGGER BOOBS sat down at my table. A Canadian girl who had a young version of the Elvira look going on sat down. I am AMAZED those things did not explode as much as they were compressed into that bra! WOW!

I do not remember a whole lot of the actual game between 1AM and 7AM. I do remember this guy we called 17 hitting on Carmen. He was called 17 because he always raised to 17 whenever he had a hand. Kaley leans over and says "I think she likes him”.. however I could read the expression on Carmens face and it went something like "Hmm.. I might as well flirt but this guy’s a tool”. I mean I was there people!!

Before long the table is spitting out every pastry and breakfast food they could think up. Waffles! Crepes! Pancake! French Toast! On and on and on.. yeesssh. The table on the whole was very good for a ½ game. It was tight enough that I felt comfortable making a play to impress Carmen’s new girlfriend.

The girl turns to me and says "Play the players.. not your cards! Just raise with any two”.. So I am like "Fuck ya” and I jam it to 15 pre-flop blind. I get called by the sexy Canadian. I check my cards while Carmen’s friend is not looking. The flop had come down as Qxx with two hearts. I had the J5 of hearts. So when Kaley turns to me with her beautiful brown eyes and says "Ok c-bet like ten now”.. I laugh and throw out a twenty dollar bet. The turn brings a five giving me a pair.. I now firmly put Elvira on a draw and if I was wrong I had outs.. SO with Kaley telling me to slow down now I push sixty into the middle and Elvira folds her hand. It was worth the look of admiration.. neigh.. worship in her eyes. Life is good as a breakfast snack.

I still can not believe my luck at that table. It seems like every hand I folded would have made the nuts. I folded A4 in EP and would have turned quads. Every board with T5o would have made a straight. It was amazing.. and even thought I was folding these hands pre-flop I could care less. I mean I was at a table where Carmen's rack was the smallest! Think about that people! Carmen was none too pleased. And to top it all off LOVE ELF kept coming by!!!! I ended the first night up around sixty five.

So we finally wrapped it up around 6:30-7:00 and headed back to MiamiDon’s place. The funniest part about leaving is we had not made it more than fifty feet and that guy 17 calls Carmen. I mean I am all for closing the deal but if you look that desperate your going to get shot down! Have some respect for yourself man!

If I have not mentioned it yet Don and Carmen are two of the most giving Bloggers you will ever meet. They open their homes, hearts, and give a ton of time whenever anyone is in town. Two really stand up people. As much as I love Carmen’s cleavage that is only a small part of why she is an awesome person and if you have not gotten to know her then what the hell are you waiting for?

Next Episode: Menage a trois Final Table


Blogger CarmenSinCity said...

Awwwwwwwww - your so sweet baby! I think I have a little tear forming in my eye right now. I'm a moody bitch and you know it - but thanks for the compliment!

So, mister 17 really made an impression on me - I'm actually talking to him on the phone several times a day and we are going out as soon as he gets back to Vegas. Fun!!

I'm so glad you sat at the that table with us - it was the most fun I've had in a very long time.

I've NEVER seen tits busting out at a table like that. Calgary had it going on huh?

1:37 PM

Blogger meanhappyguy said...

Yeah Waffles, I know what you mean. I was the last to leave the Mixed game, and it was only 4:30am! I expected better.

9:09 PM

Blogger pentimento said...

Glad to know the view was so great. Is that why you forgot to make a dial-a-shot call to my sweet Al?

9:35 PM

Blogger Eric a.k.a. Bone Daddy said...

I take from reading this last post, that you are a "boob man"

Too bad I missed you, I'll catch you out there next year

6:45 AM


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