Wednesday, September 26, 2007

I Miss Carmen! Wahh!

Heh. I got used to chatting with the hottie every day. This new job has GOT to go. Oh well..

I am thinking of rolling the other blogs back into this one. On the bad side you have to read about exercise and Warcraft.. on the good side.. I do not write daily in those blogs. On the extra good side: I can torture you with endless stories of my destruction of Elite Dragons! WOOT!

Is this what Al's nights look like?

The WoW game allows you to drink until you can not drink anymore. Besides effecting your stats in fighting it also eventually makes you see blurry and I am not sure if you blackout but possibly. They call it the AlCantHang module of WoW. If you have not read about Pauly and Al storming Florida your an idiot. Please go now. It is excellent writing and funny as hell. Al wrote some stuff too.

Remind me to ask him how he found a wonderful woman who does not mind reading about his strip club antics. One of a kind. Too many people in this world are way too untrusting.. and a little fun at a strip club does not mean anything. It is refreshing to see a relationship that is that solid.

Actually back to WoW.. if you want to read some really funny shit read the thread that picture came from. Funny stuff. A couple of guilds got drunk and tortured a guy by trapping him over and over again while he tried to escape. So now in the forum the guild this guy belongs to has vowed a blood feud with the offending parties. I am still laughing.


Blogger CarmenSinCity said...

I miss you too!!!!!!! Not being able to talk to you all day sucks. It makes for a slow ass day.

11:04 AM

Blogger change100 said...

How will I be allowed to get lap dances from dirty strippers if I don't let him have a few? ;)

1:37 PM


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