Wednesday, October 31, 2007

It is a Tragedy

Last night consisted of using my remaining Full Tilt points to enter the new 600-FTP 26$ Token SNG. It is a one table SNG. I played it this weekend and went 50-50 earning a token for the MATH. It is one soft game if you have some FTP points saved up. Who the fuck wants another shirt anyways right? Possibly guys like Chad have enough points for a Ferrari or whatever high end stuff the store has but if you are like me and only have a few thousand then this is not a bad investment.

The first SNG went horribly bad when I was a huge chip leader and some guy sucked out on me on the river not once, not twice, but three times. I was making huge raises. His excuse for his donkerific play: "I had an OESD dude".. Just some basic math for those of you mentally challenged.. your never ahead on the turn and an OESD on the turn is not worth most of your stack. Fucktards.

So I was going to pack it in for the night when IT says "So you gonna play another one?".. I say "Ok, you convinced me. If I lose I blame you. If I win you get 5% of whatever I win with the token".. Of course the deadbeat was all for that. So I played my fourth game and destroyed the competition mercilessly. I will be using the token for the Friday Night 24K. IT hopes I win.

After that game Poker Enthusiast halls me into a 1$ Razz SNG. Now this deadbeat offers a last longer bet.. so I say "Ok, your on for .77 cent last longer".. you see I have 11.77 at this point and have to but into the Mookie tonight. So I beat him soundly and have yet to get my .77 cents. He possibly thought I was joking but I think it is likely he is a deadbeat too.

The Razz game was fun. A $1 Razz SNG with Judesalem, Poker Enthusiast, and everyones favorite punching bag: Surflexus. I decided I had to save my mental state by pre-occupying myself with something.. So I created a Sanitation Worker character with an accent from New Jersey. He was talking shit the whole game. It was a blast. Calling Judesalem Babe and Honey.. Telling the two ladies at the table how "Yous and me is gonna be the last three so we can have one of dem menajitwas".. I just went house and had a great time. I probably offended someone along the way.. but I ended up taking second place against Judesalem and having a lot of fun.

Now I am working on my Essay to Australia. I may suck at writing and not even want to go to Australia all that much but I enjoy writing about my favorite subject -- no not poker, MYSELF, and so I will give it a shot. Look for it later today or tomorrow.


Blogger Instant Tragedy: Just Add Water said...

Just don't get donked off of the 24K and I won't call you a deadbeat either :-)

Feel the Tragedy...

Surround yourself with a Bubble of Tragedy...

Then project that crap to other people :-)

You keep grinding out that rent money Waffles. Its noble work you're doing.



10:25 AM

Blogger jusdealem said...

The sng was good times. Anyone who can bring some fun into the snooze fest that is Razz is cool in my book. Your sanitation character was genius. I thought Mandy was sure to get offended, but she took it well. LOL

Bet you didn't see my backdoor win coming, did you??
Me neither!! :)

11:19 AM


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