Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Red Sox, Patriots, Lions, Sheep, and Bloggers

I have been busy for the past weekend just enjoying the sports atmosphere that has been created in New England. We have it all baby.

The Red Sox win another World Series and become almost as hated (More Hated?) as the Yankees. Speaking of the Evil Empire.. they are falling apart faster than Rome.. Torre is gone.. A-Rod is going.. The walls come crumbling down.. I would shed a tear for my good friend The Doctor but he had his golden age and can wait for another few years for another one.

The Patriots make a supposedly good Washington Defense look like High School Pop Warner. It should be a good year for the boys in blue. I think you can send the Super Bowl Crown to Boston if we blow out Indy next week.

Even Boston College is doing well.. Just a short hope, skip, and jump behind the beautiful Love Elf's Ohio State team. It would be very sad if my BC team knocked her Ohio team from the top spot much like the Patriots knocked the Chargers out of the playoffs last year.

As a bonus the Red Sox won the World Series on my boys NINTH birthday. Holy fuck am I old enough to have a nine year old? I guess I feel like I could be.. Ah well..

The MATH was fun and interesting. It gave me a lot to think about. I ended up going out in 33rd place or so.. I forgot who took me out but anyways.. I made a good read but a possibly bad decision.

Here is the situation. The blinds are at 300 with a 25 Ante or so. I have around 5K in chips. I am in the big blind and Donkorama pushes in. Now to be fair Mr. Donkey is a short stack and has to do something. So pushing in with crap on the button is obviously not the worst thing he could do. I look down and see A8 s00ted and know I am slightly ahead.. it is 2K more to call. So should I fold?

My read was totally correct and I was racing A8 against Q7 and lost. Normally in poker if your sure you are ahead you would go an call. However Don brought up the point that there is no reason to risk your chips on a coin flip at that point. You want to be jamming your chips in and have maximum fold equity instead of calling off large amounts of chips and hoping to win races. Interesting stuff to mull over.

So anyway that essentially killed me and I made a moronic call with KJ s000ted against AA and QQ.. yeah, I know, I run good... to finish my last 2.5K or so. I really did not need to do that. I could have waited for a better spot obviously. I had enough chips left but let the last hand get to me. At least I got to see Evy (When you gonn start a blog girl?) and CK.. I guess that will have to satisfy me until Wednesday. Hell on the good side at least Bayne continues to suck worse than I do. Until next time.


Blogger CarmenSinCity said...

Red Sox = YUCK!

9:08 AM

Blogger Riggstad said...

Evy's (semi) Blog! just thought you would like to see it!


or I have her linked in todays post on my blog. (pictures and all you degenerate!)

9:48 AM

Blogger Evy35 said...

lol not sure wtf i would blog about....i am no way as good in poker as any of you guys, though i *did* take down Champs tonight, thank you very much....maybe i will blog about stupid people that annoy me...hmmm let me make a list....it might take a while lmao

8:45 PM


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