Thursday, October 18, 2007

This is a Paid Review

This is a paid review for Online Gin Rummy. Do you remember those special times playing Gin rummy with your folkes. Putting down pennies and having them rob you of your entire allowance? Was it not special? Ok. I am grasping here. I never played Gin Rummy before in my life. However this site has a good place to start: A full tutorial! The demo brings you through all aspects of the game and teaches you basic play.

Just like any gambling site you can start off at the play money tables and learn your way around. When you are ready you can use any of the many methods of payment the site uses to deposit money. Here is what they say about the real money games:

Please note: The RummyRoyal real money skill-based games are intended for play within the U.S. for players whose legal jurisdiction permits this kind of gaming by law and who are 18 years of age or older only. The play is void in all U.S. Territories (e.g. Guam and Puerto Rico) and where prohibited by law.

If you are a resident of states Arizona, Arkansas, Delaware, Florida, Iowa, Louisiana, Maryland and Tennessee, you are permitted to download our software and play in practice mode as much as you would like. However, you will not be able to purchase and be a participant in the money ring games and\or tournaments, as well as win any of the promotional prizes.

Sounds like fun. Do people call each other Sharks and Fish at the rummy tables? IS there a timeout for when your respirator batteries need changing? I have no idea. At least you do not have to deal with the diaper smell you get at the Stud tables. So go play some Gin Rummy and see if you can become the king baby!


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