Thursday, November 01, 2007

Put on your ear muffs

I am so fucking pissed off it is not even funny. I put my last token into the 14k last night on Full Tilt. I did not notice it was 6-player but whatever. Not my strongest game but meh. So early on I get some momentum and chip up to 4k+ and then I have T6 in the BB. The flop comes T68 and the guy to my right leads out for pot and then pots the turn. I put him on AT or some hand like that and I happen to be wrong because he had T8.. and if that was not going to seal my loss of 2k in chips then the river TEN would have for sure. What a fucking cooler.

So anyway I had chipped up so I still had 2K.. I work it back to 2500 or so.. and then look down and see the rockets. Now I am not one of these fucktards that think the rockets are invincible and should always win.. HOWEVER when a guy raises 250 and then I re-raise him 10% of his stack.. and he calls.. with 87 diamonds.. and fucking full tilt gives him a good draw on the flop....... and I push all in for over 3/4 his stack.. and Full Tilt knocks me out of the fucking game I have to wonder what the fuck is up.

I mean I can understand playing a hand like 87d. It is a good hand. If I had raised 3x the blinds.. and he had called and flopped well.. and then I had potted I might understand him making a move or something.. but when I make you commit 10% of your stack pre-flop and over 3/4 of it on the flop YOU SHOULD FUCKING HAVE THE DECENCY TO LOSE! God damn motherfucking jackasses playing this game are so fucking retarded it is not even funny. He then has the nerve to tell me 87d is the best hand to go against a big pocket pair. SURE IT IS BUT NOT FOR THAT MUCH!!! Just fucking buy a lottery ticket if your going to play like that. I put pressure on the guy at every point in the hand and he was just too fucking stupid to fold. I am just disgusted.

To cap things off I jam A8 in the Spookie and get fucked by 74.. Now to be fair I do not consider this a bad beat but it was a nice little capper for a great night. Fucking poker is such a joke sometimes.

So anyway.. I am out of fundage until the 15th... so I am not going to be playing any BBT events for a couple of weeks unless I get backed in them. Probably for the best after last night anyways. Fucking cockrags piss me off so bad. I think Chad said it best last night "You will never win Waffles you are cursed".. Amen brotha.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

the wife was screaming at me so i had to leave. truly, i was trying to double you up there before i sat out and i did sit out right after that hand for the rest of the spook. lol, i still cashed in 5th place so next week your Mookie buyin is on me.

9:00 AM

Blogger lj said...

i'm not a playa or anything, but 10% of his stack does not seem like that large of a re-raise, and even if he puts you on big pp but figures he'll stack you if he outdraws you, i'm not sure it's that bad a call. if you had raised, say, 25% or 30% of his stack, then i think it's worse call on his part.

but probably someone who knows pot odds and math better than me should chime in.

i believe it was pushmonkey who took all my chips in spook w/ his lower flush draw/oesd that turned him shitty pair to win hand. of course my chips go to waste on a guy who ends up sitting out.

9:31 AM

Blogger SirFWALGMan said...

omg does anyone agree with LJ? So basically your willing to go out with any 87 s000ted on 117.79 to 1 chance you get a flush on the flop. Then your willing to commit 3/4 of the rest of your chips because you hit an 8.1-1 chance of actually flopping a draw. So you basically always want to lose 3/4 your stack on a flush draw possibility. This thinking is staggering.

Wait you say.. I could flop 2 pair or trips.. 73-1 for trips.. getting warmer? 48 to 1.. yeah, thats much better for 10% of your stack..

Your a donkey if your doing that.
3x the blinds assuming its a small amount of your stack sure. Pushing against me and making a move to try and make me fold.. I can at least respect that.. but calling off 10% of your stack with astronomical chance to flop anything even remotely playable.. laughable..

9:50 AM

Blogger bayne_s said...


Do not make me pull out the hand history's where you have called off raises amounting to 25% of your stack or 50% of my stack with hands like T9o because your read was an overpair.

You fawking hypocritical donkey.

11:14 AM

Blogger bayne_s said...


If you will go back and read your post from June 23,2007 you will find that YOU agree with LJ.

Where you were wrong on June 23 is that I did not have the chips to warrant you making the call.

11:20 AM

Blogger smokkee said...

donkey vs donkey action is tha best!

12:15 PM


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