Wednesday, January 02, 2008


I want to first off say that Tina the Love Elf played such a fucking good game of poker last night that I thought someone else was using her account. I mean she was fucking amazing. She was stealing and raising and bullying and folding and doing everything right. Apparently she fucked up and only took second but everything I saw her do was amazing. I have no idea who taught her to play poker since her style is totally opposite of Smokkee's weak ass push with crap style but I was impressed. Good job girl!!

I went out on another meh hand although most people probably will not fault me for this. I was in 7th place with seven left and at a dangerous table. The fucktards would call off entire stacks with hands like KQo and A9o and all kinds of shit. So the Goat raises in EP and PokerDave re-raises him. I look down and see pocket tens and have a choice. The blinds are 200/400 with ante and I have 5k left. I can fold. I can jam. Calling is not gonna be a choice. I had not seen Dave make many moves and gave him respect for a good hand. So I decided to jam all in praying for a race. He flipped up Kings and I went out.

I do not think this is the worst play ever. However I think I have a more base issue of getting too nervous towards the end and trying to force chips into my stack. I really get antsy when I get lowish in chips because a lot of what I like to do is play flops and try and get in with better than a coin flip. If I am really low I feel like I can not play any hands. I keep working on it anyways.

I still made the T$ which covered my buyin so the night was a basically a wash. On the good side I also get to make fun of Smokkee. On the bad side I stepped on one of my kids toys and ripped a hole in the bottom of my foot. It hurts. It is making me walk funny which is tweaking my knee which will probably collapse and send me to the hospital soon.

Happy New Year


Blogger AlCantHang said...

Thank god for Waffles. It's never been so easy to make money.

When we talk about not tapping the glass..... we're talking about you.

12:09 PM

Blogger Blinders said...

Great playing with you fisheater, you are the master of the chat box!

12:41 PM

Blogger BWoP said...

Someone needs to make a Girls of Waffles calendar and send it to him. Then we get read less of Waffles' verbal masturbation and MORE RANTS!

Happy '08 Waffles.

12:57 PM

Blogger Love_elf said...

Thanks Waffs!! I had fun last night!

10:06 PM


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