Thursday, March 27, 2008

Just in case...

Just in case you have not been following the next blogger flame war. Duggles insults MiamiDon in one of his poker comics. Love the hat btw. Excellent touch.

Anyhow it annoys people who are friends of Don and so ScottMc the Texas avenger swoops down and does his own comic. Excellent rebuttal and art work. If it was me I would have done something in a Silence of the Lambs vein where Duggle dreams about putting Don in a pit and starving him then wearing his skin so he could be Don.. but that is just me.

Scott also reminds us of an incident that happened a year ago. I think it is worth reading not because Duggles being a liar is any kind of news but because I find the posts amusing a year later. Some of the high points you can look for. I mention I am a break even player as early as April 2007. Sweeet! I give a great recap of why lying is wrong:

Now so what if he made a bad play and won.. the bad part about the whole thing is that he:

A. Lied about the limit. It was .02/.05 not 1/2
B. Lied about the hand. He said the guy bet very little and let him catch a straight.
C. Besmearched the reputation of a highly respected .02/.05 player.

I think point C is a classic. There is a copy of Duggles original post which he deleted in the comment section of Poker Jones post AND someone defends the prowess of the nickle and dime players. All in all it is a pretty fun trip down memory lane. Well worth a read if you are bored.

"I woke up and there were these people lined up with scalpels, steak knives, hacksaws, basically anything that could cut. I didn't know what the hell was going on at first. Then some guy mentioned a Craig's List ad, and I was screaming that it wasn't me who placed the ad. Some guy pulled out my organ donor card and showed it to every one. That was all the confirmation they needed," said Hopper.

Also worth a read if you are board is this post from BoingBoing. Apparently some trickster put an ad on Craigs list for organ donators and a bunch of people showed up looking for organs!! They would not take no for an answer. Is this a hoax post? I hope so. The funniest part of the post might be the following:

Police detective Rod Stumpley said, “Last week we had people come and take kids from homes after a 'free kids' ad was placed, we had a Wal-Mart cleared out after an 'everything's free' ad was placed. It's on the Internet so you can hardly blame people for believing it.”

So is this a real article? It is on the Internet so it must be true right? They top it off with a nice final quote.

A representative from Craig's List said that people shouldn't believe every “free organ” posting on the site, and that harvesters should consult with the donor before removing his pancreas just to be on the safe side.

Fun stuff to read anyways. Even if it is fake. See you all tonight on Riverfuckers. I am hoping to go deep here and then MiamiDon and his big game on Sunday. No idea if I will make my goal of being 14th in the BBT3 standings by the end of the week but we shall see. Good game to you all. I will never wish a single one of you lucksack any more luck.


Blogger DuggleBogey said...

I guess I feel about it the way you must feel when you go bust.

If I knew it would make people this happy, I'd have done it a lot earlier!

1:08 PM

Blogger Hammer Player a.k.a Hoyazo said...

Since when are people allowed to have blogger flame wars without me involved?

Wtf is this blogiverse coming to.

1:31 PM


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