Friday, March 28, 2008


While I got crushed by bad luck playing Omatard last night including my favorite hand of the night when I flop a set vs top pair queen kicker NO DRAW.. and lose to runner straight I did lose fair and square in the Riverfuckers.

It is refreshing to actually be behind in a hand as it hardly ever happens. It was my own fault too. I limped in on the SB as a shortish stack getting 4-1 odds with a weak flush draw. I flopped top pair with a weak kicker and got all in against top pair with a tiny bit less weak kicker. He had over 10k chips so calling off 3k with top pair nine kicker is probably an alright move. At least he was ahead. I did get sucked out on once by Corron. He has Jack high double gutter on a two flush board that had a possible completed straight already and is calling my 3/4 pot bet on the turn. He had the chips to burn I guess but the heart on the river froze him and just proves that his call on the turn was idiotic. However his 30% chance came through and I lost a 4k pot that I desperately needed leading up to my final ouster with the top pair hand. All in all I prefer to be taken out by a hand that is ahead of mine than the bullshit I normally have to deal with in these things.

I keep reading the Blogger political posts. Who gives a fuck? I mean you have the right to your opinion and all that but you opinion is probably misinformed and idiotic so just shut the fuck up. This means you Iggy. Go back to the drunken falling off bar stools. I like it better. Peace.


Blogger RaisingCayne said...

"It is refreshing to actually be behind in a hand..."

If I felt this way, my donkey ass would be feel fresher than a Mentos' spokesperson!

Try always getting your money in behind... it really starts to lose its allure fast!

11:48 AM


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