Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Poker Post

Full Tilt finally sent me my 2K package. I now can not use it as most of the weekend NLHE events are done and I really do not want to throw away 2K on some shithead game like PLO. God I hate that game. I think it is better to just pad my bankroll. I also am a little annoyed they sent me the 2K but did not send the 350 I won as 5th best finisher of the BBT3. Um, why would you not just send it all together? Hell why did you not just send the 2K in May and then I would be flying to Vegas this weekend to play the NLHE WSOP event. Ah well. I do love Full Tilt and appreciate everything they have done for us. It is by far one of the best sites to play at. However it would be nice if they got their act together a little bit. Fuck I do not even know who to ask about the rest of my payout. Oh well.

So I played poker last night. Time for another break. Ha! Stupid fucking night. I think a lot of these hands were situational coolers but let me know what you think. First off I lost a buyin in LHE to the biggest fucking donkey ever. I would 3-bet pre-flop and 3-bet him on the flop. He would have a pair of fours against my queens and would turn a seven to make two pairs after putting 6-7 bets in to beat my ass. What a fucking retarded idiot. No way you make money in LHE long term calling every 3-bet pre-flop with 47o. So then I lost a buyin in NLHE. Here are a few hands. First the really questionable play.

I am in ep with AK. One guy bets $2 from EP. The next raises to $8 all in for his whole stack. So I call and the first guy goes all in for $14 more. There is $34 in the pot at this time. So I am likely behind but it is only fucking $14 more to call. So do I fold here? I dunno. So I call. What would you do? I was up against AA/KK and drawing dead to a straight so I lost that hand.

Next hand I was a little tilted and called a raise from EP with 78d. The flop comes T7x. Early position guy leads out for $5 which is about pot. I am not convinced he has a monster so I cold call. The turn is my 8 to give me two pair. So when he leads out for $10 I re-jam for my remaining $18. He turns over KT and I stack his ass. I am back up to my initial buyin. I like floating here sort of but I probably would not have invested that much in this hand if I had not been short.

Final hand of the night. I get dealt my first big pocket pair of the entire night. A pair of brokeback cowboys. I raise to $2. I get two callers. This has been a fairly loose table. The flop comes 445. I lead out for $4. One guy calls me. The next guy jams in for his entire $18. So here I am facing a big raise for all his stack for eighteen dollars and nobody has shown any strength all hand. Unless someone is slow playing to trap me. So I decide to isolate the raiser who I put on a big pair in the TT-QQ range and try and take this pot down. So I jam all in and the bitch next to me who has me covered instacalls with her 55 and IGH MAD as hell. Of course she played the hand great. I think this is one of those times where I was in the wrong position at the wrong time. If the guy with eighteen had raised and she had jammed and then I was left to act I think this is an easy laydown. However the way the hand was positioned really put me in a hard spot. Do you get away from this hand as a cash player? Am I just being too hard on my results or did I misplay some of these hands badly? I am not sure.

Anyhow on my first night back I drop a hundred. Real fun. Tonight I decided to save myself fifty bucks and just but straight into the 50/50 and lose that and go to bed. Pretty solid plan to save myself fifty bucks of my bankroll. See even the MTT is called the fifty/fifty which says I spend fifty to save fifty. See it is like pre-ordained or some such crap like that. Good luck to you motherfuckers. I really hope this streak ends soon. Peace.


Blogger pokerpeaker said...

You misplayed the last hand. KK is just a pair. I think your jam would have been fine with one player in on that board, but with two in there, with someone to act behind you, I'd play it cautiously. I'm not sure what I'd do there, as there's really no great solution. Maybe just call and if the other player jammed or just called I'd hope to check it down.
Remember, pairs slip to 60 percent when there's more than one player in the hand.

But then again I'm on a downswing and I've lost $200 in two days, so what the fuck do I know.

12:41 PM

Blogger SirFWALGMan said...

I do not like cold calling there. What is the point? Cold call half your stack then fold? Either go for the gusto or fold right? Either your ahead or not. Calling has to be wrong there.

1:05 PM

Blogger change100 said...

From one perpetually broke poker player to another, I think you're doing the right thing just keeping the money and adding it to your bankroll, FWIW.

Now run that shit up and don't blow it all!! ;)

2:00 PM

Blogger ScurvyDog said...


There are $1,500 NL tournaments every weekend up until June 30th:

2:33 PM

Blogger $mokkee said...

i rarely get all my chips in on the flop with just a pair and no draw in a cash game. when i say rarely, i mean i hardly ever do it. not to say it hasn't happened. but, as peaker said "it's just a pair".

3:19 PM

Blogger CarmenSinCity said...

Just to clarify - Courtney is pretty cute, but she's not gorgeous. She's super skinny.

6:36 PM


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