Thursday, June 12, 2008

Getting Better

I must be getting better at poker. I only lost twenty bucks last night. The 50/50 was a joke. I over thought a hand against a monkey who does not think. He basically jammed his QJ into a raised pot all in on a Q25 flop. I like a moron believed he was chasing a flush draw with his weak ass check-raise and stacked off with pocket nines. Ewww. Oh well. QJ is the nuts you know.

I did play some motherfucker though. AK on a KK4 flop. Pot that fucker. Turn Ace. Check. Stack the mother fucker who chased on a paired board with A9o. DONK! Was sweet when he fell for it and put all chips in. Not so good was the 8899J board not raised pre-flop where I had A9 and he had JJ. So only twenty up in cash and a few bucks in an SNG to cover most of the 50/50 buyin. Tonight I have work. So poker will have to wait until later. Peace.


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