Sunday, June 08, 2008

Stupid TOC

Out in ninth. Pretty disappointing but that is how MTT play goes. Normally the guy who jams sevens into queens wins. Stupid fucking game. I swear I am never going to understand these things.

Cash games are going pretty well. I pulled a nice gutter-overjam for value last night. It always makes me chuckle. In addition I did the ole limp-OESD made jam for value too. It always amuses me what people will call off with. In that particular hand the guy has AQ and flops TPTK after a small pre-flop raise. He checks the flop probably wanting to CR. I have a straight flush draw. I turn my straight and jam. He calls off with TPTK no draw. Niiice.

I think I may take a week and only play cash. Nothing else. I am curious how much I waste on stupid SNG and MTT play.


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