Monday, October 27, 2008

2K Is Ghey

I briefly worked the roll over the 2K mark and then slipped back as Scott convinced me to take a shot at a 100+9 SNG and I bubbled with KK vs AQ s000ted. Obviously high stakes SNG players do not pay attention. I had second or third chip stack and was going against the big stack. I jammed him pre-flop and he called. Very encouraging.

Having monetary goals is bad though in general. My new mindset is just to play and let things happen. The only time bankroll amount should ever matter is when decided on what levels to play. After that you really should not care at all. I win today. I lose tomorrow. None of it matters. I really feel like I get that now.

I will continue with my plan which is to play the token race every night and parlay those into 750K sats and possibly some more shots at that 40K game. Throw in an SNG here and there too possibly. Continue to grind at the 22$ SNG level. I have been murdering that and my ROI is fast approaching 25%. Sick.

Friday was fun at work. We had a Oktoberfest day with free food and tons of beer. I got a little buzz on. Had fun. Left after it became a Sausage fest.


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