Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Weird Night

Do you ever win but feel like you lost. I have no idea why. I actually put together an ok night. I dominated my first SNG. I had 11K chips to 1K and people were still folding to second and third place. The guy HU said "Nice lucky run".. I said in reply "Congratz on Second". Retard. I lost the 75/token 33 vs A3. Ah well. I should have folded but was not into it I guess. I lost my second SNG when I called a pre-flop jam with AK vs AA. Ick. I did flop a King but no massive suckout. I made a note on the player that she jams AA pre-flop. "Pussy afraid to play AA post". So I jumped over 2K again and won a little bit but felt pretty meh for the night. Oh well.


Blogger 1Queens Up1 said...

Dude I was thinking this same thing Friday night, I left Foxwoods up $135, but it felt like a loss to me because I had been up over $400...

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