Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Finally Lost

Finally had a losing night. Pretty hard to do with Pushmonkey at your table. On the good side it was only a four buck downswing. I started off playing a bit too loose and making some calls I should not have. I then got into a nice hand where I had flopped a set of sixes on a 678 rainbow board. I got it all in on the flop. I was against AT spades. FML! Runner spades and I am out a buyin.

Of course I had my fucktard hand of the night too when I got all in with kings vs aces and rivered my K. So I guess I was pretty even in the suckout department on the night.

I worked up almost a full buyin on my other table.. and briefly hit even.. but gave back a few bucks and ended down slightly. Basically down a buyin when you factor in my Mookie buyin and backing another player. I am feeling good about my play for the most part though. I have been patient and made decent decisions.


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