Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Reader Comments

First off thanks for all the support as I go from Gilbert Grape to Adonis. I may stop somewhere in between as I am already too much for the ladies.

Lightning was curious if I had changed my diet much. I have not really. I have cut down on caffeine the most. I try and watch what I am eating a little more. Somedays I will try a little harder than others. I plan to eventually start cooking for myself more and get away from all the processed foods I eat. I can never see myself as a sunflower seed eating maggot. I think everything is good in moderation and will probably keep to that mantra.

As to Ick saying I needed to give Hoyazo props for his big win. All I can say to that is if a duck shits in the air enough times it is gonna hit someones head eventually.


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