Monday, June 29, 2009

Things I have Learned Walking

Things I have learned walking recently..

1. It can rain a lot of days in a row.
2. City kids like to play in the fountains. Fuck. I want to join them! Those sprinklers look awesome!
3. You can not go a block in Boston without getting a puff of smoke in you face.
4. Bayne says losing 5 pounds is a gimme when you exercise, nothing to write home about, it is nice to have friends.
5. Walking generates testosterone. Testosterone turns my normal surly attitude into fantasies about smashing the guys face into the cement just because he looks funny. Testosterone is probably a bad thing.
6. It really can rain a lot of days in a row.
7. Retarded kids picking on you is a low point in life.
8. City blocks are not all equal.
9. Hawk Chicks do not fear the rain and wear white shirts which makes Waffles very happy. White shirt on a chick is just behind Catholic Girl Skirt.
10. Man can it rain a lot of days in a row.

Exercise commences on a daily basis. Calisthenics starting up every other day. Drink of choice for exercising nerds is Diet Weight Watchers Root Beer, chilled, not frozen. Nobody sells these around here but at least the morning and dinner drink is set. Feeling a little Jonesing for poker after the PLO8 13th place 3-outer fiasco.


Blogger lightning36 said...

Diet Mt. Dew and Diet Dr. Pepper taste the most like regular soda to me. I mix them in with the other diet crap I drink.

Have you adjusted your diet much?

2:45 PM


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