Monday, June 22, 2009

Season Over

Had a decent weekend. Did my mile walks for the weekend. Weighed myself (with shoes on so I can cheat later and "lose" more weight) and came in at 187. I figure my first goal will be to get back down to 170. The Rooster is more obsessed by shoes than the Wife. True story.

The boys team finally went down to the Rockies. He did not get a chance to pitch. Apparently the fail coaches son giving up six or seven runs was not enough to take him out. The boys team could not get anything going against the star pitcher of the Rockies. The best they did was bases loaded in the first. Boy was disappointed.

Fathers day was meh. Sweet little girl gave me a pen with all smooshes of playdough or something applied to it. Very nice. Everyone else ignored me. Also very nice. The Wife (the good one not my wife) wished me a Happy Fathers day. It brought tears to my eyes. I must be going soft.

Emergency work fix this morning as I strolled in at 10:30ish. Bwahahah. I should really either stop being so valuable or get a new job. Usually with me after about two years I get bored and become a very pouty employee. I probably should not complain as I am gainfully employed, surf the web for weeks at a time, and occasionally do some work. I prefer the beginnings of projects where there is a ton of work and design to do. The day to day type projects bore the fuck out of me.

Otherwise nothing much exciting going on today.

** Oh almost forgot.. Thanks for the suggestion IAK. I have some SBLI email addy for you. Send me a line at and we can chat.


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