Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Merry Christmas Package of All

Trauma poker reminded me of something else that annoys me about Hoyazo. Actually there are a lot of things. I will get into them soon. Does anyone else notice how he posts his picks in football then the next week no matter what he just says "Big winners" of the week? Is this some slimy lawyer thing. It makes you believe HE picked the big winners instead of just a general comment on who the winning teams were. His stellar 0-5 run for last week was impressive.

I used to be really impressed with Hoyazo as a MTT player too. I would read his posts and hear how he won ten gadzillion bucks playing this MTT or that. It was very impressive because I would look at it from my perspective. He plays maybe 2-3 games a night and wins a big hit pretty often. Once sites like OnlinePokerRankings came out a different picture emerged. Like if you check out his winnings for 2009 it says 22K. So including his one score for the most he ever made (27K) that means he was down 5K for this year on Full Tilt alone. Not that impressive I think. I guess that is why despite his posts we do not hear his name brought up when people talk about the best MTT players on Tilt or Stars. Ah well. Enough Hoyazo bashing for one year. Was kind of fun. Thanks for the topic suggestions.

I actually kind of hate all of you. I write posts about Vegas and get like 1 comment and then I call out Hoyazo for his ass hattery and get like 15 comments. Jesus. Fucktards. Go back to watching survivor or something.

Since I am in the festive mood I might as well give you MY picks for football. As you may already know I am the freezer. The cooler. The super bad mojo. So use the picks as you see fit. Hopefully these can help your Christmas go further.

San Diego +3 vs Tennessee. I have been impressed by Youngs turning the team around. I think SD has much more to play for and they will pull it out.

Seattle+14 vs Greenbay. First let me say I love bloggers. It is so great to have some reason to cheer or boo teams. I think Greenbay is a decent team and I will cheer for them in this game. HOWEVER. With all the suck-a-tude they have shown recently I just can not give them 14 points. I think that is WAYYYYY too much to make up. I still pick them to win. Just by more like ten.

Oakland Raider +3 vs Cleavland Browns. Browns all the way. They have shown some spunk the past month or so. I like them.

Kansas City Chiefs +14 vs Cincinnati Bengals. This time I like the Dwarf team. I will probably be wrong here. Last time I bet the suck team because I did not think a good team would score a lot and lost by like a million points. So I look for the Bungles to kick KC's ass.

Buffalo +9 vs Atlanta. Atlanta needs this game bad. Buffalo did not look very good against the Patriots and I think Atlanta has the firepower to cover here.

Houston Texans +3 vs Miami Dolphins. Dolphin's all the way. Unbeatable in December.

Carolina Panthers +7 vs NYG. Nice win last week Panthers. You can do good sometimes. Be prepared to die. I think the Giants win big here.

Buccaneers +14 vs Saints. I kinda hate this pick. What do the Saints have to play for though? They are set in the playoffs. The run for infamy has been killed. Do they even play all their starters?

Jacksonville Jaguars +8 vs Patriots. Go Team! Patriots for the win!! See you in the Playoffs.

Raven's +3 vs Steelers. Steelers have been sucking. Suckity suck suck. Baltimore has been surging. Steelers get creamed here.

St. Louis Rams +14 vs Arizona. I honestly have not seen many Arizona games. I bet St. Louis to cover 14 in Vegas and that worked out sucky so not going to do it again.

Bronco's +7 vs Eagles. Hear that sound? It is CK screaming my name in agony. Whyyyy did you pick my team!!! Of course I will misconstrue it as ecstasy. I have to go with the Eagles here in one of the most significant games of the year. Hope I am right.

New York Jets +6 vs Indy. Colts all the way.

Dallas Cowboys -7 vs Washington. In my upset of the week Washington wins and Dallas blows it again. The Cowgirls hate December.

Minnesota Vikings -7 vs Bears. Minnesota has looked sad. Which makes me sad. I mean they have brought us all kinds of purple Wife pictures. Bears just have nothing they can throw at this game though. Easy win for the Vikings.

A final post before Christmas tomorrow. The weekend will probably be spent setting up the kids new computers. shhh. Do not tell.


Blogger BWoP said...

I hate you.

1:05 PM

Blogger smokkee said...

i was really looking forward to the SD game on xmas. now not so much. thx for fucking us over.

5:26 PM

Blogger Drizztdj said...


Dude, I'll let you win at Galaga next time, please change your pick!!!!!!!!

12:01 PM


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