Friday, September 23, 2011

Football Picks

For those following Josie and I tied to the penny last week. I did my counts and trusted her with hers. I figure she is an accountant so probably does it faster and better than I do. So the current score is zero-zero. Yeah, I like scoring the glass half empty.

For this weekend I am putting up a little commentary about each game. Picks are in bold. Obviously you need to see my brilliance in action in order to get a feel for my picks.

NE Patriots at Buffalo BillsI have to give the Bills credit. They are actually scoring up a storm this year and figuring out how to win games. I have to go with the hot hand though. Until the Patriots lose I am sticking with them. I see the Patriots as a beatable team because of their Defense but it should not happen often until the playoffs.

49'ers at the BunglesWhat can I say. The Bungles have earned their name year after year be it from drug arrests, stupidity, or what not. I feel kinda sorry for Iggy. I think they get their asses handed to them this week.

Dolphin's at BrownsThis is an interesting matchup of two teams that I think pretty much suck. Miami has some potential and who knows about the brownies. I am going to pick Miami to eek out their first victory of the year here.

Broncos AT TitansI may be getting high off the coolaide from the Titan's win last week.. but I have watched the Bronco's and am under impressed. I see the Titans winning this week. If nothing else home field advantage will give this one to the Titan's.

Lion's AT VikingsWhat can I say? The Vikings are such a fucking sad sack team. It was fun when the Wife and Drizzt had a nice competition going but now the Viking's would have trouble beating a pop warner team. Lion's take this easy. I am not ready to proclaim Detriot good yet but this week should be easy for them.

Texan's AT SaintsWOW! This will be the game of the week to watch. I am going to give the nod to the Saints as they are the team to beat but I have been incredibly impressed by the Texan's. Hell I might change my pick by the time I finish this post.

Giant's at EaglesThis is a risky game. If Vick plays I think the Eagles have enough to beat the Giants. I have not been impressed by either team. I give the nod to the Eagles. Might be because I like them more. Who knows.

Jaguar's at Panther'sI always get confused about who the good team is supposed to be. I think it is the Jags. So unfair putting both teams up against each other to confuse me. I will take the Jags here though. Ok. I changed my mind. Everyone in the world thinks the Panthers are best and the Jaguar's have a brand new sparkly QB so I will go Panther's.

NY Jets AT OaklandI hate to say this but I choose the Jets. The team has found a way to win every game they have played so far. I think they are for real. Oakland is iffy in my opinion.

Raven's AT Ram'sThe Ram's are in for an ass beating. The Raven's are pissed. I feel sorry for the Ram's.

KC at ChargersChargers are a much better team. KC sucks.

Green Bay at Chicago.The Bears are a much improved team. I would even say a pretty good team. However they are not even in the same league as the Packers. Easy pick here.

Cardinal's AT SeahawksDamn first they give me two cat teams then two bird teams. What the fuck? Guess I will go Cardinal's since they have more wins. Really have not seen these teams play this year.

Falcon's at BucksI think I will take TB at home here. I like a good defensive team.

Steeler's at ColtsBlahaahahahaha Colt's you suck!

Redskin's AT DallasNormally I would look at this game and say Dallas rules, Redskin's drools. However I am not liking anything I see out of Dallas and hesitantly I am choosing the Redskin's here.

TLDR; for Josie with the confidence points I am assigning each team:

Steeler's 16
GB 15
Chargers's 14
Raven's 13
NE 12
Lion's 11
Titan's 10
Saint's 9
Cardinal's 7
49'ers 6
Dolphin's 5
Panther's 4
Eagles 3
TB 2
Skins 1


Blogger KenP said...

Boringly sane.

8:17 AM

Blogger Josie said...

I bet Waffles doesn't get comments like Ken's very often!

12:02 PM

Blogger DuggleBogey said...

Oh My God the apostrophes.

Make it stop.

12:17 PM

Blogger Bayne_S said...

Grats on beat down

9:43 AM


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