Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Josie is a losing

Josie lost with a piddly 91 points to my less than stellar 99 points. So currently I am ahead in our competition by 8 points. She thinks that she made too many off picks.. I think her problem was more with her ranking on some gimme games. Like Green Bay for 6. I had Green Bay as my 15 pointer. It was a total gimme game. If she ranked it higher then we may have tied again... Actually if you look at the final score she won MORE GAMES than I did.. with an 11 to 9 win.. but I nailed my top 4 with easy picks and she missed TWO of her top FOUR picks. Just bad choices when there were MUCH better picks for the top. I even had the insight to put NE down at my 5th pick. Saving myself some bad point loss.

On a side note I was very angry that my team lost. It really killed me. Especially how the game began and how close we were to pulling it out. Buffalo is a team to watch. Not sure I buy that they are an awesome team - because when you have to come back from HUGE deficits every week... well, that is not going to work all the time. You can not deny they have a high power offense and a defense that makes plays when they need it.

Miami fucked me too. I really though those morons were going to pull it off.. but they found a way to lose. Smack some sense into them MiamiDon! Peace.


Blogger Josie said...

Nice job this week. I'm actually surprised that I'm only down by 8 points. Enjoy the lead while it lasts.....for 5 more days.

7:24 AM

Blogger Josie said...

I think there are women who read this blog but don't like me! Can you imagine????

10:54 AM


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