Thursday, March 01, 2012


I think I binged a little last night. I feel good this morning though. I reheated some pork that the babysitter made. It was just an end piece so not really a ton.. then I cooked a full bowl of corn.. and I was STILL HUNGRY.. so I ended up on a stupid eating binge.. I think I ate like 8 Girl scout Shortbread cookies and like 3-4 handfuls of pretzels. I then fell asleep to compound matters. oops.

I do not think I blew way past what I am shooting for but just snacking on handfuls of pretzels and cookies is not the way to go. The cookies were like 240g calories, 9g fat, 38g carbs and the pretzels I am going to guess at 320 calories.... so really I probably was within my 1500 for the day.. maybe a little higher.. blah. Tonight I will probably hit the Chicken and Veggies again.. and Friday Spaghetti, and maybe a Salad on the weekend...

The hilarious thing about Hackers Handguide to Dieting is it says TV dinners good. I guess technically from a caloric intake standpoint maybe.. but I have to think your losing out in the long run.. Peace.


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