Saturday, January 21, 2006

O8 Tourney

Finished up 45th or something. I basically had no chance to make the money at 27th unless I was aggressive. The blinds were 1200 and I had about 3K. So I decide to push with AAKx. It is a decently strong hand HU so I raise to 1200 pre. I get called with someone who had basically J9. Not sure why he called me. I had him basically covered. So he flops a J with an OESD. I make him put most of his stack in the middle. He turns two pair and he rivers a boat. On the flop he had a slightly better draw than I did, however, if I had made a queen I would have had the higher straight. I also could have made a better two pair. Alas it was not to be. It is hard figuring out donkey plays but what can you do. I am at least pleased that I did not make any mistakes. No mental errors tonight despite working 11 hours today. So after that $20 MTT I am going to give the MTTs a break and play some cash for a day. I will then get back to them as they are very juicy on both Full Tilt and Stars. Thanks to Garthmeister for playing in this with me. We swapped 10%. He went out earlier than me but did well.


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