Thursday, August 25, 2011

Human's Surprise Me

I never understand why someone would think that saying bad things to you when you do something for them would motivate you to do those things again. It is simple human nature. If I take off the day, watch the kids, do not kill them, and as a bonus do some dishes, take out some trash, do some laundry, clean up shoes from the living room and donate them to good will, and get some shopping done... the words out of your mouth should not be "OMFG! I was going to sell two of those 20 shoes for 30 bucks! Retard!".

In continuing with the above statement the next time you say "You never do anything around the house"... you should in theory know why. Peace.

Been Thinking

Been talking to an old friend a bit and it has me thinking. Perhaps my situation is not as bad as I think. The old friend see's their kid's like every other weekend or something like that. I get to see mine every day. Perhaps the situation is not that bad.

The things I need to change are my own attitudes and reactions to the whole thing. My old approach was just to bail out and shrivel up in a ball and not let anything in. Just not interact with anything. Not take control of anything. Not deal with it. Just hide away in my Warcraft world until who the fuck knows what happens.

I just need to engage again. With a different attitude also. I need to take control of the things that should be in my control and handle the things that are not without resentment or anger.

On the things I can control I just need to jump in and shake things up. It will probably cause some shitstorm and I will have to face up to things and deal with other people and their anger. It just needs to be done.

On things I have no control over for example if I want something done like washing dishes or cooking things then I should just do it. Not worry about me doing everything or her not doing anything. Not keeping score. Just get things done if I want them done.

Not everything will be perfect and perhaps this will be the catalyst for her storming out somewhere who knows. For now I think taking control of the things I can and letting go of the rest will make my situation so much better. Living with the kids is an awesome gift. The only downside is bringing chicks home. Since I seem to be an anathema to women it should all work out. Peace.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

I Hate This Shit

Motherfucking cleaning up the messes non-programmers from fucking India make in my code is not fucking fun. My goddamn stomach is fucking sore. Probably have ulcers. My fucking idiot boss is pissing me off too. First he fucking hires this dude and sets him loose in our code then he gets all wishy washy and says one thing, then says the opposite, then says the good thing again... fucking morons. I swear I am going to rage quit soon.

Evil Kirk

Remember the old Star Trek episode Mirror Mirror. The crew gets transported to a mirror universe where evil Kirk and Spock live. The way you could tell the difference is the evil guys had beards. I kinda feel that way.

I have been watching people the last few weeks and nobody smiles at me. So I shaved the beard and today people smiled. Perhaps they know I am from the Evil Mirror Mirror universe so are wary when I have the beard... but when I shave it then they know I am from their universe. The Good Waffles.

Cosmo Man

Josie was reading Cosmo and was interested in the following questions:

Question #48: How does it feel to be inside a girl?
Answer: Like you're sitting in a hot tub while riding a roller coaster.

Is that accurate?

Question #51: What does an orgasm feel like for a guy?
Answer: Eating your favorite meal, getting a massage and winning the lottery all at once. But better.

Now I will give my answers. Please feel free to put your answers in the comments or barf if you would like.


Question #48: How does it feel to be inside a girl?

Answer:it feels like a warn squishy hug that just grabs you and squeezes until you can't stand it anymore..

Question #51: What does an orgasm feel like for a guy?

Answer:an orgasm...feels like your brain is exploding and you can't think anymore all you have is all of this explosion overwhelming you senses until it finally stops and you lay there exhausted not knowing exactly what happened but wanting it to happen again..



Monday, August 08, 2011

Blast From The Past

Thursday, August 04, 2011

New Game

I have found a amusing new game. Go to google. Search something like "that old chick playing poker josie"... then click on the links to her site like 20-30 times so you get put on the top of the search items. Make up your own phrases and lets see what Josie's top search terms are on Monday. Kinda like Russian roulette as she has threatened to murder me but a lot more fun.

Tuesday, August 02, 2011

Sad News

I was feeling a bit down this weekend and as we tend to do I asked the big, crazy assed universe what was up. Specifically I was thinking that perhaps it was time to try out some meds or something. So I looked out the window and asked God if he existed to show me a sign.

A few of you might have known another hatah of a blogger from WiredPairs named Fluxer. I suppose we both got along so well because we had that in common. He was not as lovable as me of course. Unfortunately this 24yr old decided to end his life this weekend. It is pretty sad when a young person decides to give up.

We were decent internet buddies. Once you got past his harsh exterior and somewhat erratic personality a nice kid was left. We had some interesting conversations. A lot of them were about poker but many of them about women, life, hatin', what not. I think I got to know him a bit. We shared some of our regrets.

I can not say I am extremely surprised that he killed himself. It did come as somewhat of a shock though. I for sure did not think he was going to do it anytime soon. He had started going to some therapy and taking meds for his issues. I guess he slipped off those and finally felt disconnected enough to let it all go.

As always God never gives me a clear sign. Does this mean I should take meds so I do not end up like him? Does it mean that meds are bad news and if you take them you will die? I think you could read either meaning into this sign or no meaning at all. Is there a God? Does he send us signs when we ask? Do we just have to make sense of everything because our frail human minds can not grasp the world? I have to say it is a pretty huge coincidence if that is all it is.

Tonight I guess I will tip the glass to a nice kid who could not take the pain of life and gave up. I guess that I have a few things to think about.

Stupid Crap

Must be time for medication when I get teary eyed over Despicable Me. WTF? The red fog it whispers to me.