Sunday, May 19, 2013

Still Trying

Things are well with me. I guess I do not need to bleed my soul as much when things are going well. I am dealing with some very high stress problems but I feel good.

I am training for my 5K. I am actually going to run one with people and stuff in Boston. I am not so much looking forward to it. I mean crowds of people are not my thing. However my thing has not worked well for me so I figure something new might help. I am up to 2 miles in my runs. Thinking of throwing some interval work in.

Still on the pushup program. Progress has slowed slightly. I am up to 80 pushups 3x a week (5 varying sets), and the capability to do 28 pushups straight without stopping. I am working my way up to 50 straight and then I am going to doing a little boxing with a friend of mine. Should be interesting if I survive. We have decided to do a triathlon - Boxing, Chess, and Drinking.

Losing a little faith in the psychiatry thing. Still working it though. I just do not feel like the pills are helping me.. I think spring, and vitamin D3 and doing things to take control of my life are helping.. I just can not credit the shrinks and drugs for it. I am not giving it up. It has only been six months and I have been fucked up for 40 years.. so I figure I need to give it a good shot.

Josie baby say Hi to me! ;).

Home poker game is going good. I keep winning. I always like that. Honestly I do not care much. I probably should lose bad one week so people will keep inviting me. It's a howl though and I am enjoying playing n00b players which is shocking change from the Mad Man.

Recent projects - Repairing 2 panes of glass. It only took 8 panes to do it. Do not ask. Also digging up a pole I do not like in my yard.. and replacing the mailbox. Hilarity should ensue.

Weight loss is not. I am still at 185. I think I may have lost 5-10 pounds when I started this. Thinking of hitting up a cleanse for a few days or something like that. Not sure. Not too concerned as I do see progress in my strength, running ability, and muscles. Adding in some crunches and other exercises soon also.

Love you all. Special thoughts going out to Herbie from Wolfs Howl.He broke his back somehow and is going into surgery on Monday. Hope he is doing well or whatever cliche I am supposed to say. I really do like the guy though and hope he comes through this alright.

Friday, May 03, 2013

Poker Rules Question

If I have 1BB left, and I post the small blind. Four other people post and the BB puts his BB in. No raises. Am I entitled to the entire pot at this point? I put in my small blind like I needed to so I would think I would be able to take the whole pot.. and then any bets on the flop would start the side pot. Is this right? Site your sources.