Friday, May 20, 2016

Who's the Donkey: Episode 1.

Finally had the night I have been waiting for. I am so "gamble" adverse.. which really hurts me I think. It felt like I did something wrong but thinking this hand over again I think I played it right but .. you decide... you decide.. Look down and see AK diamonds. Call 15$ pre-Flop. It's 3-4 ways. So like $60 in the pot on the flop. The flop comes 56J 2 diamonds. First guy leads out for $86. Next guy cold calls. I think this is an easy call with potentially 2 overs and a nut flush draw. So I kinda think it over and reluctantly call.. I am trying to gamble more but I still kinda hate it. So total pot is like $300. Turn is a really bad card.. A 6 black. So the board is now paired. First guy pushes his last $85. Next guy cold calls. He has $100 more behind. I cold call. This is where I think my call is kind of iffy.. but I can not fold a $460 pot. I call. River is a diamond. Second guy leads out for $40 of his $100.. I jam. He calls. The final hands are AJ for first position guy. Trip 6's for second guy. Nut Flush for me. So -- Comments? Whatever you say though I raked in a $800 pot with $200 of it being mine, and ended the night up $605 after playing a few more hours. Peace out bitches!

Friday, May 13, 2016

Frustrating but Busy

Poker has been a bit frustrating lately.. Booking small wins or losses. I want alllll the moneyyyyssss!!

I think I really need to learn to gamble more because that is where the money is at. Just as an example .. I was playing a nice 4 hour session. I was playing pretty tight and making decent decisions.. I did call off a few times I should not.. but overall playing well I think.. and I find myself down $100 .. no plays did I see where I would have made more money if I called or was in the hand. Arguably I could have been closer to even but like I said I did make a couple slightly bad calls.

So it's the end of the night and I suppose I am feeling a little frustrated but being professional and going to leave. My last hand of the night I straddle because whatever nothing else is working.. and I see T7. We see the flop like 5 ways and I flop a double gutter... I call the flop which is like 10 bucks.. it is four ways.. I call the turn fifteen it is still 4 ways... and I jam all in on the river. I happened to have hit one side of my double gutter.. Everyone folds.. and I end up going home break even (down a dollar) .. So I don't know... Chasing double gutters.. or playing tight... getting in on draws or waiting for made hands... Poker is insane.

I actually skipped playing this week. Not because I did not want to, but because my day at work was a bit stressed so instead of going and playing like an angry donkey (as opposed to my normal crazy donkey), I decided I would go see Captain America: Civil War. Awesome movie if you have not seen it.

I will be back on the tables next week deciding how to play and what adjustments I need to make if any. Peace.