Friday, March 31, 2017

State of the Union

Good night at the Mohegan. I am now up $500+ over 25 sessions for a win rate of like 1.44BB/HR.

The last session was a plus $364 session so that helped the bottom line.

Nothing was too crazy. I started with $100 and quickly lost $70 to QQ vs 84. Yes I did raise pre to $15. I also think I lost the minimum. I did not lose the whole 70 on that one hand but that was the biggest hand. I think I probably lost $30-$40 on that hand.

I then was feeling a little spewy. First position comes in for $15, second position raises it up to $22. I decide to jam all in. The next spot re-jams and both guys call. So I am in it for $120. The hands turned out to be AA/AA/QQ and me with... Ducks. 22. Haha. Guess who won?

So now I am flush with my awesome victory. What else happened all night. I got paid off with Aces 3 ways vs AK and some shit hand. I lost a decent sized hand with AJ vs 22 on a JJ2 board. I was really close to not calling his re-raise and losing like $45 less... but I also am trying to get paid off on my good hands and not leave money on the table.. So probably could pick better spot to not see monsters under my bed but what can you do.

I chased a few flush draws in multiway pots and got paid off good. Other than that I bet my good hands strong and people folded.. Ending up $364 was pretty nice though since I only bought in for $100.. So basically almost won 4x my buyin. Would love to see some more nights like that or hit the high hand. I could live with around $100 an hour earn rate.

Otherwise still reading and trying to stop seeing monsters everywhere.

Sunday, March 26, 2017

Back In the Saddle Again.. Again..

Played again. I took a short hiatus because A. I was a little pissed, and B. I was really busy making consulting money which is always much better than poker money.

I was slightly pissed because I play and play and play and make like $160 profit over all my sessions lol. Better than nothing. I started reading some poker books again too. I realize this describes my game perfectly "The tight-aggressive person who thinks that every flop holds a monster under the bed and thinks he should always win with his aces." Basically I hate to be wrong and do not gamble enough. It's hard to change that style though and not sure I would be more profitable. It's possible.

Tonight was interesting. I got smacked by the deck but sucked out on terribly. I did not let it effect me and made some big laydowns with Aces and other big hands that got cracked. I showed several hands all premium. I worked up to like $140.. then I decided to try and cash in on my reputation with someone I thought could fold. I raised pre-flop to like 15 and the flop comes KQT giving my AK top pair and decent draws to outs. I think I played this hand ok but needed more money behind. I lead out for like $25.. and got raised at which point I jammed in for my stack. In hindesight since my opponent raised me I probably did not have enough left to make him fold.. however I jammed anyways. He called me with QT and I did not improve. I may have the numbers slightly wrong but it was a good $78 for him to call my re-jam.

I may be just going by the result.. but I think there could be better spots. My read was right on 2 pair.. and I was trying to represent a set or made straight. I thought I had good fold equity though and was trying to be more aggressive.. anyways.....

It might be that I should just keep playing tight-aggressive and sort of weakish. It does pay off but the thing that hit me most was that if I can adjust my game and not go crazy I can really take advantage of limpers and call-folders and make a lot more. Not sure I can play that way but am going to keep reading.

The rest of the night was rather boring.. I tightened up. Got lucky. Got unlucky. Tried to hit the high hand jackpot every hour. Had my stacks incorrectly stacked and thought I had more than I did.. and ended the entire night with a slight profit of $27. Better than a kick in the balls.