Saturday, September 25, 2004


Bad Beats Continue On. Damn! Flushes rivered by Boats, Boats beaten by 4 of a Kind. You would think by being tight I would see less flops and lose less. Bah! heh. Anyway.. I am very discouraged. I am down over $200 for the past week. Crap. It was nice when I was running well!

A few things I see about my game. I never know when to Fold. If I have JJ and the flop has a K on it, when do I fold? Do I wait and try to catch my third jack? How about JJ vs Two Suited on the board? Try and avoid the flush? I dunno. Poker Tracker is interesting. In 5600 hands I lose the most with One Pair, followed by High Card. One pair loses for me about as much money as Boat, Flush, and Straight make for me. I think this is a problem. What do you do about it though? Do you never play the high pair? Do you check it -- aggression wise you take a hit, and your not protecting your high pairs. If I lose so much money with them should I just check them all the time? Who knows. Any ideas?


Blogger Felicia :) said...

Don't get discouraged. Keep reading SSHE until it is memorized. I really feel this is the way to go in today's loose games.

11:48 AM


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