Friday, September 24, 2004

Me! Arg!

I do not have enough hands in PT but the initial read says I am a sLAP! Slightly Loose Agressive Pre-Flop, Passive Post-Flop. I am using the standards from BisonBison which seem to be used widely. Here is the link:

So what does sLA-P say? Is a sLA-P a good type to be? Anyone know what this means about me? What kind of things I should look for? What is the best type to be? I assume a sLAP is not too bad since it was associated with a frown, at least it is not a fish! I have some interesting stats on other Poker Bloggers too! Bahahaha! Actually Maudie is the only one I have played enough with to get a read on. heh. Al I have all of 4 hands for. He won every one. Be scared. Be Very Scared. lol.

I downloaded the PT Beta and so far so good. The Import Function for 89 files is VERY slow. Oh well. Hope the final release comes out this weekend.

***** UPDATE: I used PT's new feature to import 5000 hands that were in my PT subfolders on my PC. I have now been upgraded to a TA-P Tight Aggressive Pre-Flop, Passive Post-Flop. I think this is better than a slap. I went from frowny face to warning sign. Hmm. I attribute the change from sL to T to SSHE.

Of course this means nothing when playing against The Hammer. I flopped the Flush on the river, and I get raised to 4BB. I am raising all along. It turns out the last 227 gave the guy a full house on the river exactly the same time it gave me a flush. Stupid Hammer!


Blogger JW said...

I would say you've been majorly upgraded if you went from SLA-P to TA-P. Unfortunately, the -P hasn't changed, and I think that is the problem. My guess is the top of the ladder is TA-A? Can't wait until I get myself on Party and can get PT. 1rst thing next month.

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