Thursday, September 23, 2004

Down Night..

Lousy night. Dropped almost $100. Damn! I could not do anything right tonight. I did well in a few tourneys -- 2nd in a $10/1 and Bubble and 3rd in a 22/2. So I lost a little there. I busted out of one table. I tried some NL and my AK gets beat by AQ on the river with a straight! I had him dominated! wahhh. Heh.

Oh well. I stopped the bleeding at $960 and decided to wait until tomorrow. I am really anxious to make it to $1200 but I need to keep my cool and just wait for it. Deep Breath. Hope for some better cards tomorrow night.

I REALLY like the limit tourneys. They take alot longer than NL tourneys, but I seem to always finish well. I was 4th in the one I lost tonight. If I had just been a little more patient I would have probably made it to the money. It is hard to be patient when the blinds are crazy. At the end of the tourneys it does not matter how much you have. Every call could either put you in first or out. I mean $800 blinds where the average stack is 3K!!! Please. It becomes more like NL. I am still going to play more 20/2 tourneys. See if I can get some more first place finishes. I am up to 486 hands in PT. Not sure what it is telling me yet, but I guess we will see.


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