Thursday, September 23, 2004

Ye Gods of the Poker World

You have heard me mention the Poker Gods, and the Goddess of Poker and several other references to the deities. I have never really defined the spiritual world of the Poker Gods as I see it probably because I never gave much thought to it. However with my recent success I think it is high time I gave face to these mythical creatures.

Ace on High

Regal and majestic he rules from his perch on high. He is the giver of the Monster Hands. The AKs in the pocket. When you have been blessed by him playing pre-flop is easy. Raise. Raise. Raise. His majestic AA is a site to behold.

The King of the Game

The King represents the mastery of the game. The correct move independent of the end results. His followers are the long-term winners. The Jack and Queen may derail him in the sort term but he rules over them with an iron fist. He will never lose.

The Queen Goddess of Poker.

She is the one in my Ode. The Mistress of luck. Both good and bad. The Queen of Poker. She is a fickle lady and on any day she might bring you to the heights or smash you on the rocks. You know you are in trouble when you get her twin images in hand. How many times have the “Hilton Sisters” screwed you? Yet you keep playing them. Because when they decide to bless you it is truly wonderful.

Bad Beat Jack

He is the trickster of Norse mythology. Loki. The troublemaker. Blame this deity when your AA gets beat by 27o on the river. He is the patron God of the gambooler.. Any two cards could be blessed by him. Capped pre-flops are his favorite. Play that 10-7 and he will reward you as you make your two pair! The King of his world his domain is the river. Beware his evil laugh!


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