Wednesday, September 22, 2004

Fun Night at .50/1

I was playing some 1/2 making my bread and butter when I got a run of slow cards. So I decide to check and see who's hanging around. I saw ITC and Ani. So I decide to go play some .50/1 with Ani. It turns out Maudie was there. I originally thought her screen name was AntMaudie. It is not. I will not say what it is. It was kinda slow playing with those two. Nobody was talking. I think people do not want to bother other people. Either that or they do not want to be accused of collusion. Who knows.

The first hand at the table was QQ. The Hilton Sisters. Bitches! Cracked by K2.. and yes, I did raise pre-flop, and yes, I did bet out, and yes I did get rivered by K2. Instead of being pissed off I type "I am gonna love this table", and it was true.

A few minutes later Al comes by drunk (yes that probably is his usual state) and really made the table loosen up. He threatened to raise or fold everything. He did not. Guess he was too drunk or something. Al was funny as hell. He made me laugh so hard. I really was enjoying myself. I think he ended up a few bucks before he had to leave.

The Hiltons came and sat on my lap again later on and this time they put out. I raised 72o in late position and got 6 callers or something. Freaking crazy! I got a 7 on the flop so I figured I had to play it. I ended up losing to Q2o. The only other memorable hand of the night was a total and complete bluff. I raised KQd in middle position. I was kind of bored from waiting for a good hand so figured I would try it. I also decided at that point that I would bet the hand with the Auto-Bet feature all the way to the river, and jump in. I had 6 callers or so at this point. Well, the flop was all low cards, the turn and river did not help, and my final bet on the river caused all 4 people remaining in the hand to fold. I never show my hands, but this was a must show and I did. I asked "Who had the 9?". I am sure I have never had a bluff work at .50/1, but I guess that rock like persona worked out.
I played the good hands and ended up almost doubled up. Was up around $55 for the night at $1055. Not bad. I really like SSHE. I finished the book. I know I am applying only 50% of the book correctly. However it seems to have had an impact.

I bought Poker Tracker and will be posting my stats when I get 10K hands in there. I need to ask about my play. With 326 hands in PT my worst hand is ATs at -9$. The best is AJs at $29. Have won the most money on the button. Second most in second position. hmm. Two Pair is my most winning hand. One Pair or High Card is worst. BB per hour is a whoping 12.44. The funny thing is that 1/2 and .50/1 have the same hourly rate. Hmm. I guess that means I am playing the same just making twice as much. My aggression factor is all over the place. It has settled into .76 after tonight, but it was as high as 1.5 at one point. Not sure what a good number should be. I fold 72% of my hands pre-flop. I think this is a good number. Maybe a little low? I win 34% of my hands when I see the flop. Is this any good? Oh well.. I need more data anyways. These numbers must be REALLY skewed. If someone has some suggestions of things to look at for leaks let me know.

I quote Maudie as mis-speaking and saying "Annie Duke is my Herp.".. lol. She meant Hero. I told her I had to smoke her typo so sorry Auntie. Watch that Enter key! She ended up being the Big Woman on Card Table. Eclypsing me in the last hand I stayed in for. Damn! I was the Big Man for most of the night! Oh well, if someone is going to knock me off my perch it might as well be her.

I have been collecting my thoughts about my "Poker Gods". I call upon them so often I figured I should build a whole religion around them. I will be finishing this post up sometime tomorrow and posting it. You will then know who to pray to in what situation. I should figure out what tribute they require... hmm...


Blogger Maudie said...

At Empire I am AntMaudie at Party its Maudie_B. Had a good time, too. 8^)

6:32 AM

Blogger SirFWALGMan said...

Immmm sooooo confused... heh. Thanks for clarifying that. So do you play Party on Wendsday Nights and Empire on Thursdays.. heh.

7:14 AM

Blogger Maudie said...

I've been playing mostly SnGs on Party but had a bad run so hit the tables to replenish....

2:17 PM


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