Friday, December 10, 2004

Aewsome Support

The gentleman from Poker Tracker Rocks! if you have not already purchased this tool. I posted a comment in the forum last night and already have a response. So I finished my report on who I have won/lost the most from. On the 3/6 front I have not been playing for that long so the results are small, the most I have won from a single person is $145, and the most I have lost is the $75. Interesting!

This list is misleading in some ways. It says the 2nd person I have won the most against is a sLA-A! No way I want to go up against one of those. Except maybe I do well because they fold to my raises and do not chase. hmm. Can you guess the third? Blu! From once in a Blu Moon. Also someone with a rating I do not want to go up against! As much as Poker Quest says he loses money from me, I have only won $16 from him. I guess he loses it to other people. Here are some other well know Bloggers I have played all levels (NL,Ring):

Iggy: +11.74. Thanks for the donation man!
AlCantHand: -2.00. Drunken Bastard! Beats me in everything!
Pauly: +8.37 Write about that man!
AntMaudie: +13.25 I hate taking money from you auntie!
Casino Gosain: 41.75 One session too many!
Up for Poker: (3.75) It seems like alot more!
NegativeEV: 7.25 I thought you kicked my ass? Now I remember
the one pot you gave me!
Otis: (4.50) I knew it! Curses!
The Film Geek: 1.75 Film at 11!
Studio Glyphic: (6.25) You Bastard!

Anyway none of these stats mean anything since we have not played together very often. I guess I cannot be that bad if I have a few bucks on the Blogfather himself! Now he is going to hunt me down and beat on me so his stats improve. It might be fun to have a Blogger vs Sir list as a regular feature.. hmmm..


Blogger Ryan said...

Good post. I hadn't really paid attention to those stats. Question though. Why are you creating a separate DB to find out how much you won/lost from people when PT already does this? Are you adding extra factors into it?

As for me (I haven't played w/the bloggers too much yet):

Iggy: (8.25) to be expected
AlCantFold: (0.25)
Pauly: +2.25
Maudie: (2.00)
NegativeEV: +8.00
OtisBDart: (1.50)

Could be worse I guess.

6:13 AM

Blogger SirFWALGMan said...

I created a new DB with linked table because I have Access 2000 and wanted to use it. It links to the live PT DB realtime. I think PT is Access 97? Anyways, it is an older version than I have so I would have had to convert it which would have probably hosed PT.

6:44 AM

Blogger Uwannabet? said...

The Bloggers vs Sir is a great idea, hell you could even put up a Hammer count with it.

6:51 AM

Blogger Ryan said...

Forgot to put you down (duh). So far in five hands you have fleeced me for $0.93.

My party ID is rchamberlin. Do your stats show me as a fish?

9:50 AM

Blogger SirFWALGMan said...


My stats might show anything. I think I have about 50 hands on you. I will check when I get home. Hell, if I can be beating Iggy it just proves that stats < 10K hands do not mean a hell of a lot. Just an indicator.


10:54 AM

Blogger Predator314 said...

You spelled "awesome" wrong ;)

12:49 PM

Blogger SirFWALGMan said...

Ryan, I have you as a mousy (TP-A) over 90 hands. Again it it was too few to say anything real about you.

5:05 PM

Blogger Ryan said...

That's actually better than what I have. It's really hard to change what you've got established in there. I've been working hard to close up the leaks in my game recently, so that's probably more accurate to where I am now than what I've got. I'm listed as a sLP-P in mine.

8:03 PM


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