Monday, January 10, 2005

Football Picks

Well I decided to post the picks this morning. Why the heck not. My opinion is not likely to change. I guess I could wait for the point spreads to finalize but with my record so far I think I need them to be off a little.

1/15 4:30 ET At Pittsburgh -9 NY Jets

The Jets are just outclassed here. I thought San Diego should have won that game. The Colts choked and give the Jets credit, they took advantage. The Jets have never won in Pittsburgh and I do not think they are going to start now. The Steelers have been anointed the winners of this year’s Super Bowl. I think it is a bit early. I really would love to see a Jets upset! I would not stop laughing for the whole week!

1/15 8:00 ET At Atlanta -7 St. Louis

I will take Atlanta. I might have picked St. Louis last week if I had done my research and saw that they beat Seattle both times they met in the regular season. Oh well. I think this is as far as they are going.

1/16 1:00 ET At Philadelphia -9.5 Minnesota

Go Eagles! I think Philly is going to beat them. The spread seems to say it's not even going to be close. I tend to like that idea. I think the Purple Selfish-People have gone as far as they can this year. Ok. The fans are cool but any team with Randy Moss deserves to lose.

1/16 4:30 ET At New England -2.5 Indianapolis

Hmm.. This is a tough one. Now I know everyone out there is going to scream at me for picking New England. I think I have history on my side. Five games of it at least! The drunken kicker has already started mouthing off also which is a bad thing for Indy. I trust Belichick, even if I cannot spell it, and he has played Payton so many times that he will come up with a scheme to defeat him. His offence is good but the defense can be really bad. Keep Payton off the field would be my choice. I hope for snow and a great running game from Dillon or something. Anyway I totally respect the Colts and what they have accomplished this year. I do not think this is a slam-dunk game. However I do think we will win it. I predict a Payton meltdown as the coach gets into his head and causes him to give us the game. If I am wrong I await the laughing and teasing I so richly deserve. Tune in next week where I hope I will be predicting an Eagles-Patriots Super Bowl! I have been waiting four years for this! I want it more than a Royal Straight Flush!


Blogger Drizztdj said...

Vikes will beat the spread, but not the game. The better bet is the over/under on Moss' fine-to-be-coming for his dropping trou at the Packer game.

I put it at $15K.

10:06 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

8 picks 8 favorites...don't quit your day job

2:14 PM


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