Friday, January 14, 2005

House Cleaning

I removed a couple links from my primary Blog link. One was Stripper by Night. I did not do this because of the Blog issue or the Felicia comments. I think someone felt my comments on her Blog were kind of wimpy too? I speak up when things really bother me. When she first started making the Felicia comments I mentioned it because that does annoy me. The fact that she does not get "The Hammer" does not so much. It is a thing for "our" community and if she does not want to be part of that it is her choice. I keep the right hand Blog list for Blog's I read daily.. and hearing about Pat or how Felicia is a mean bitch just is not a daily thing. Every week will do.

If you have not read the comments section of her site on playing "The Hammer", there is some very insightful stuff in there between the Troll and Bitch comments. CJ especially hit it on the nail. As a matter of fact it is probably the best "Poker" content I have read on there. I am not sure I am at the level of Poker Player CJ is in order to use "The Hammer" as a weapon. I use it more for the fun and sense of community it brings. I hope to be the type of player that plays people instead of cards some day though. I usually read the site to get an idea of what being a professional player is like.

I also added a few more Blogs. Will these things ever stop? I finally got around to putting Studio Glyphics site up. I play with him so much I need to keep tabs on what he is saying about me. April's Blog has also been added. Just in case I ever win the Porsche! ;). A new and promising Blog is A View From Barad-dur
. The guy actually seems intellegent and makes some good points. Very thoughtful stuff. I think he is into Lord of the Rings though. Do not hold this against him.


Blogger Felicia :) said...

Always a class act!

Btw, I have known Joseph (eye of sauron) since I first got into the online poker world. Excellent man. I wish he would write more, but he always assures me quality is more important than quantity.

Too bad I don't take his advice more often, lol.

2:16 PM

Blogger Eyeofsauron said...

LOL!!! Thank you for linking me and also for taking the time to read what I've written so far. I'll try to get back on track and write some more soon.

I'll give you a little background into why I decided on the name Eyeofsauron!!

Sauron was The Lord of the Rings, and as I enjoy playing ring games, I decided, why not be master of them! Also the eye was supposed to be all-seeing, and in poker you're supposed to be paying attention to what your opponents are doing! So I thought it was a good name :o)

I'm more into the Thomas Covenant stories written by Stephen Donaldson. They are quite similar to LOTR but in a more modern setting. But I think the reference would be lost if I called myself Lord Foul The Despiser!

2:24 PM

Blogger DuggleBogey said...

I am glad to hear there is a poker reason for the name "Eye of Sauron," otherwise it would be the nerdliest blog name I had ever heard! ;)

It's tough to outdo people called "The Poker Nerd" and "Poker Geek" but that might actually do it.

The only nerdier one I could think of would be "12th level magic-user blog" or something like that.

2:59 PM

Blogger April said...

Holy crap, I've made the right hand list! I always wondered what a girl had to do to get added to that.

I am flattered that you find me worthy and appreciate it always, cause in my mind, you rock.

3:33 PM

Blogger StudioGlyphic said...

Hrm. And I thought it was because he was Lord of the Ring Games. Oh well.

So I finally made it to the daily reads, eh? Woot.

10:20 PM

Blogger Shelly said...

hey i like LOTR :)

10:49 PM

Blogger Predator314 said...

I like the stripper blog. I read it every time she posts. Not sure if you've read her posts from beginning to end, but it seems like this chick has her act together. She's financially stable, she's a republican, she used to dance naked for money. Hell, if the thing with her and that Pat guy doesn't work out, I'm gonna ask her out ;)

I don't get into the bickering. Who likes who and who hates who. That's the beauty of the blogs. We can say whatever we please. The stripper has been catching a lot of flack lately. It's just the usual Internet bickering. It will die out in a week or two.

11:54 PM


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