Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Quickie Bet

Well.. I had a nice night. It was fun. I am back around where I was before yesterdays downturn. The first five minutes of my game I had 3 sets of Hiltons! I won with two of them. I played a 5/1 qualifier for the 200K NL tourney. I am dissapointed it only pays like 55K! Come on now! I made it to 17th place, went all in with my Jacks vs AA and got nothing for my time. I think I will just buy into the 200K next time. It was fun to compete though.

I am thinking of offering a bet for any Bloggers on the Steelers vs Pats game. Anyone who wants to take the Steelers to win. If you win you get one post on my site. Anything you want to say as long as it does not contain Porno or explicit language. I know I am a prude! It also needs to be 1 page or less in Word with Arial 10 font. Any takers? Al? Mean? If you lose I get to do a post on your site!

I lost two buyins at the Blogger tables. Against trips both times. Dummy! The second one was not that bad. I had a straight and a flush draw vs trips. I had about nine bucks left (one bet in my game) and figured I would call since I had a great chance to take it with my draws. I however missed everything.

I tried GameTime+ tonight. Very Interesting. Saves me having to look a player up. It also notes when the table goes from fishy to average. Sweet tool.


Blogger djw said...

I'll take that bet! What do you get if the Pats win?

4:59 AM

Blogger djw said...

nm, I can read. I swear.

4:59 AM

Blogger Mourn said...

I think it's a cool idea for a bet, but I'm on the same side of this one as you. I like the Pats by about 10.

7:30 AM

Blogger cantseefade said...

I have been reading your and the other poker blogger's sites for quite some time (ever since I got this boring job), and would love to take your wager. Unfortunately, I too, like the Pats in this game. Care to make the same bet on the Eagles? I got da Falcons.

11:40 AM


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