Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Wacky, Wild, Tweety, Stinky, Up and Down but Mostly Down Night.

Well the night started off bad. I even said to myself “Self, you should quit while you are behind”, after playing Q8, flopping trips, and losing to KQ! WTF! It is only six sided! How many freaking Q’s are there in the deck. I end up losing my entire buyin at this table somehow.

I then try a 20/2 and 10/1 SNG. Busted out of those with some really good hands.

The next memorable hand was with a not to be named Blogger. I have AQ, raise pre-flop, and bet all in on the flop of Axx. The Blogger thinks. I believe he then calls the Psychic network and calls me. The turn is an AEWSOME A! YES! Trips!!! If he had two pair I am safe, right? The River is a harmless looking 3. Flip. I show my awesome, fear inspiring AAAQx! Bamn Baby! Your going down Blogger! He show’s his even more Awe inspiring AAA33! I believe I yelled a few curse words at him. I apologize to you Blogger buddy. I was having a bad night and was not all that mad at you. So I decide to drop another buyin at the Blogger tables and I am running at –432. Owie!

So what do I decide to do? Go to sleep and call it a night? Noooooooooooooooo. Not me. I decide to stay up until 4AM! Playing Poker!! When I need to work in the morning!!!!

I hit Quad 2’s tonight after hitting Quad A’s last night. Both hands were mucho paid off. This was nice. I happened to be on the looooooooooooosest, funniest, craziest tables ever. Glyph and Shelly were smoking me into the wee hours of the night, until Glyph stole Shelly from me and started talking about an NL game they were in. Take my word for it, Shelly knows a lot more about Poker than I ever will. One guy threatened to report Shelly and Glyph for talking at our table! Shut off the freaking chat dummy! I threatened to report him for swearing at players, calling them idiots, and being a jerk. I think that is a little worse.

Our secret word for the night was tweet. Ha! It worked a few times. One time a wicked loose player insulted me, calling me a superstitious idiot. So I said to him “I invoke the power of the TWEET! It shall call it’s vengeful wrath down upon your head!”. Next hand I basically busted him out with the Quads! “Fear the Power of the Tweet!”. I had the whole table tweeting before the night was over.

I also ran into some serious idiots. I mean they raised pre-flop A2 and bet, and bet, and bet no matter what. I was sucked out on a lot, and I eventually was able to make a huge killing! I was waiting all night for it! I mean these guys would see a flush on the river, and check-raise you with A high!!!!!!! I loved them except when they really had hands. This caused a lot of variance and I was grinding most of the night. Finally I ended up a wee under 500. I could have been a wee over but the table I was on was WAY to crazy to leave. The one thing I was disappointed with was the fact that I chased a little more than I should have with these guys. I bet I could have been A LOT further up if I was willing to drop some hands when the flop missed me and I had an over card or something. I am usually good at this.

So the net destruction for the night was limited to –182. Very easy to recoup. I do need to get this playing until the sun comes up thing under control. One long session. Blah Blah. It is easier to say than do some days. Other times I am ok with leaving with a loss. I cannot imagine a professional like Iggy playing through the night to recoup his losses. At least I am a smiley now! Wahhh! Go Figure. I am either going to crash tonight or play again. Hope to get a run of cards. Code word for tonight: Donkey. Lol. When we need good cards we say: Hello Donkey!


Blogger Shelly said...

Tweet tweet! After my disgrace-by-9's last night, I wonder if I even know how to play this game!!

Helllooooooooooooooooo DONKEY!

10:28 AM

Blogger Ash said...

We got all-in after that second ace fell on the turn. Sorry man.

12:18 PM

Blogger April said...

My deck has 5 this not correct?

2:59 PM

Blogger Uwannabet? said...

my biggest "fox paw" to date.. I could not believe that you were not on my link list. I've read your blog longer than 95% of the others on my list (no lie). The world shall now spin back on it's proper axis.

7:02 PM


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