Thursday, January 20, 2005


Gametime+. What do you think about this? A tool or cheating? I mostly have used Poker Tracker to keep track of my hands. I tried out G+ last night and found it interesting. I like the icon representation of the people I am playing against. It gets easier to tell between a taz and a maniac for instance. It was also funny to see my entire table with the lowest VP$IP of 42%! Tell me that is not a money making table or a suckout horror fest. Lucky for me it was the prior. It was fun seeing Iggy as a Taz too! I am pretty sure he plays slightly different on the NL tables than the 15/30’s, and I only have about 2K hands on him which 2+2ers will tell you is statistically insignificant!

One stat that disturbed me was the fact that I let people steal my blinds 77% of the time! What the hell! Here is my thinking: Why defend your blinds with crappy Q2, and find out $70 later that, hey, ya, he did have Q7 to beat you? Or even better A2 when he actually does have the AK! I just have a hard time thinking the $5 is worth it. However I think 77% could be too high. A little.

April from a Non-Poker Blog is looking for a Poker mentor. I mention this because I know all the top Bloggers read this and wanted to help her out. Heh. However it got me to thinking. It would be so cool to have a student. I have thought about it before you could be proud of them, or embarrassed if it was G-Rob. Heh. Just Kidding man! I know I am not ready to take that leap yet. I have trouble enough defining why I am a winning player. It would be extremely hard to make someone else a winning player. Heck, I am not even sure I have played long enough to say I am a winner! I also need to get back on the full tables. I love the short ones but I need to prove to myself I can beat 5/10 full games. It is fun shooting fish in a barrel but I have some pride! Don’t laugh! A little pride! Tiny. Bit. I am going to wait until I get the roll up to 5K and give it another shot.

So far one taker in the rule Sir’s Site for a day contest! The Big Lick! Just think about what I could post on a site with that name! What the hell is a Canadian doing betting on American football anyway? Does he know it does not contain a round ball? Someone who has a stake in the Steelers needs to pick up the mitten! Oh well. Maybe Sebas should come back and give it a shot! He could show me how to write some interesting material or something. I am loving the idea of an Eagles vs. Pats game! My wife is an Eagles fan!!! Tickets to the Steelers game are surprisingly cheap. I can get a seat for $189. Probably standing room only. The good seats are only 1K. Not too bad. I bet I could make that in a week. I cannot wait to see what Super Bowl tickets are going to cost!!!

I am thinking of stopping the 2AM, this is how I did tonight posts. I am way to tired to post anything interesting at that time of night. I think the “It is almost lunch time and I am bored” posts are a little better. Of course it is fun to tell everyone how good might night is going! Oh well.. I guess quantity over quality is about all I can handle. Have fun tonight.. And, hey - let's be careful out there.


Blogger trumpjosh said...

I downloaded it and tried it, but it screwed up my computer a little too much. Maybe with a memory upgrade, it will work better. How much RAM are you running SirF? It looks like a really cool tool, especially for the limit tables at Party.

9:35 AM

Blogger April said...

Should I mention that my nightly chatting sessions with my previous mentor included a fair amount of dirty talk? Nah, probably not...

I like GameTime+. I know I don't use it to it's full extent, and I'm working on that. But it can be really helpful for your table selection, and then seat selection...and then once you're in the hand, help you make the decision to bluff, call, raise, etc. Just an easier way to access all that data you have in Tracker for a reason. Remember, Tracker is not ALL ABOUT YOU!! (A novel concept, I know!!) ;) But like I said, I don't use Tracker to it's full power either...working on that too. A lot of people use UB I can tell who they are, b/c of the way the hand history grabber works...anyone who leaves a game but sits out for one hand after the last one they play before they leave the table...yep, that's a user. So you can peg them as someone serious about their game.

9:45 AM

Blogger SirFWALGMan said...

I hear that with GT+ you need to remove your own stats and that speeds things up. It is in preferences. I am running an older 1.7ghz, 1G memory system.

April: Check-raising I see! Excellent! At least it would give a new meaning to Bullets. heh.

9:54 AM

Blogger mscmike said...

I've tried GameTime, but haven't used it all that much, mainly because I can't get it to look right with UB. If I play in mini-view like I usually do, the gametime stats are splashed all over the screen in some random order.

If I play in full view, it's even worse - the stats are arranged near players, but all the WRONG players! Doh.

Anyone who knows how to fix this, advice would be much appreciated.

10:15 AM

Blogger April said...

Sir - how can a computer guy be using such a dog system? My laptop laughs at you. ;) It laughs at my husband's laptop too, so don't feel too bad.

Mike, you need to drag the user thingys around to the correct players, and then the next time you use GT, it should be all good. It's just a glitch, it happens, it's free. Damn programmers... ;)
When you play in mini-view, you've got to have the display somewhere else on your desktop.
I did notice with regards to the wrong players thing, that if I had multiple tables up, and was running a DB for me, and another for someone else, that that problem would occur as well. But just drag 'em to the right place and then it'll update fine.

10:28 AM

Blogger jk said...

"What the hell is a Canadian doing betting on American football anyway? Does he know it does not contain a round ball?"

i'm pretty sure he knows that they don't use a puck.

we canadians know a lot about american football. for one thing, it's easier than canadian football. in fact, in canadian football, our balls are bigger, our field is longer and wider, and the game is much faster. we play with 3 downs, not 4. our season goes from june to november and then since there is no hockey this year, we all switch over to the nfl.

12:32 PM

Blogger StudioGlyphic said...

You're not really calling with A2 to stare down AK. You call with A2 to face J6 and hope to outflop/outplay him.

3:19 PM

Blogger JasonSpaceman said...

I swear by GT+. Best tool in the box for improving my game, hands down.

11:06 PM


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